We are happy to share that we have closed a Series B round of USD 40 million, led by Elephant and Breega, to become a leader in Europe and expand into the US. This funding will allow us to support strong growth in our European home markets, to finance our expansion to the United States and to invest in our technology platform globally. 







An image of the Didomi team that are based in Paris. Most Didomi employees are remote, but our HQ is in Paris. 


Didomi has closed a Series B round of USD 40 million led by Elephant and Breega


First of all, we’d like to thank all of our clients, employees, partners, investors and supporters. Without them, none of this would be possible!


Today’s news is more than just the next phase in Didomi’s evolution. It’s a commitment to the entire privacy tech industry. It’s a call to every company to place customer consent at the core of their strategy.


It’s a cause we really believe in, and this achievement will allow us to deliver this vision.


“Jawad, Raphaël and I have co-founded Didomi to make privacy easier for everyone and an obvious choice for companies. This fundraising is a major milestone on our journey to deliver on this mission.” - Romain Gauthier, CEO Didomi


IMG_founders (1)

Jawad Stouli, Romain Gauthier and Raphaël Boukris, co-founders of Didomi 


Privacy has become a strategic priority for companies globally


Consumer sentiment studies all converge on the importance of privacy in any customer relationship. A recent, European consumer survey showed that 80% of consumers pay attention to privacy before purchase, and about ⅔ modify their purchasing decisions in line with companies’ privacy commitments.


Regulators across the globe have taken notice of consumer privacy concerns 


Gartner estimates that, by 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered by bespoke regulation, mostly to address growing concerns around privacy and national sovereignty.


Technology is also witnessing massive tectonic shifts with the gradual phasing out third-party trackers, the complete reinvention of targeted advertising models and more generally the reduction of the availability of data for which no permission has been granted in large ecosystems like iOS. 


Companies are now realizing they need to take action 


What started as a pure compliance preoccupation has since become a global concern by companies of all sizes to foster trust through better permission management in the technology stack. 


Didomi helps organizations to embed permission into every customer touchpoint


A Consent Management Platform (CMP) that collects billions of consents every month


Didomi offers a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that allows developers and companies to collect consent for the use of online and mobile trackers. Analytics, targeted advertising or personalization are only activated upon explicit permission as required by various regulatory frameworks such as GDPR.


This consent management tool can easily be customized and deployed across web, mobile, in-app, and even connected TV environments.



A Preference Management Platform for omnichannel preference management  


The company also proposes technological solutions for more complex consent use cases, such as the unified management of consumer preferences across channels, touchpoints and brands in countries with different regulations. 


Such a Preference Management Platform (PMP) serves as a continuously updated reference for companies who care about their users’ permission. This makes it easy to reconcile online and offline consent collection, to limit consent fatigue and comply with rapidly evolving privacy regulations.



All of these solutions can be configured, customized and deployed by Didomi’s clients through a bespoke Console which has become central to the company’s growth. 


The funding will allow Didomi to build a more convenient, self-service platform on which organizations of all sizes can create consent and preference management interfaces. 



Prioritizing a developer-first approach  


Didomi has taken a developer-first approach as a platform: open APIs, a public developer documentation and open-source SDKs for popular frameworks makes it the preferred solutions of tech teams and developers for all consent and preference management use cases. 



Aiming to open US offices and remain a premium solution


Yes, we build world-class technology, but we believe that it is our people that set us apart from the rest. 


The stronger the team, the stronger the company. Hiring will be one of our key investments.


Didomi will invest in local marketing, sales, partnership, developer support and customer success teams, all of which have proven to be essential in our success to date.


And, we’re expanding!


We will open offices in Germany, Spain and the US as part of our ambition to establish ourselves as a global leader in Consent and Preference Management. 


Our unchanged strategy is to propose world-class technology that is built for developers and to provide premium service to clients who are willing to invest in solid privacy technology.


“We are happy that Elephant shares our ambitions, and that Breega has renewed their trust in our project. We look forward to helping brands and publishers make customer journeys more transparent and trustworthy through a delightful consent and preferences management experience.” - Romain Gauthier, CEO Didomi


This moment is a testament to our team’s hard work and to the many people who have believed in us and helped us along the way.