In the wake of the recent release of the Smart Vendor List Manager, we are excited to announce the launch of Agnostik’s latest feature, the Smart Cookie List Manager.


As cookie policies are increasingly required by regulations around the world, this new functionality will allow Agnostik customers to provide transparency to their users in their data collection practices, building relationships based on trust and ensuring compliance with regulations. 


In this article, we will go briefly over what a cookie policy is and why it’s important, before diving deeper into the Smart Cookie List Manager and how companies can get started.






What is a cookie policy and why is it important?


At its core, a cookie (sometimes called “tracker”)  is a text file dropped in your computer by a server, used by websites to gather user data. There are different kinds of cookies:


  • Technical or Essential cookies, necessary for the proper functioning of a website. Examples: Saving a shopping cart, remembering a website language, memorizing privacy preferences, audience measurement, etc.
  • Third-party cookies, dropped by vendors (other companies). Only the person issuing these cookies can read or modify them.


A cookie policy is a legally-binding document displayed on websites and apps in order to inform users about how companies engage in data collection, tracking and privacy.


Having a cookie policy in place is critical not only to provide transparency to your users, but also because it’s mandatory in some countries. Indeed, European regulations require organizations to have a cookie policy on their website. 


However, keeping track of cookies and trackers activity on your webpage can be challenging: You might have to manually create and update a list on your cookie policy page, risking mistakes and inaccuracies that would essentially turn out to be as inefficient and harmful as not having a cookie policy in place at all.


Thankfully, Agnostik’s Smart Cookie List Manager can help by ensuring identification, auto-categorization, and no-code exportation of your cookie list, seamlessly generating a cookie policy page now at the fraction of effort it would usually take.


Let’s look into it and how it works.


Introducing Agnostik’s Smart Cookie List Manager




The Smart Cookie List Manager enables businesses to run an audit of their website and uncover all trackers and cookies on there. 


The tool is then able to auto-qualify these cookies to specified purposes for all IAB-recognized trackers. For non-IAB trackers, users are able to associate a purpose of their choice. Once the categorization is completed, the Smart Cookie List Manager can easily publish the finalized list on your cookie policy page.




Why are we so excited about this new feature and why is it so powerful? The Smart Cookie List Manager is able to:


  • Scan your websites daily, detecting all trackers and their activities on your property with minimal input from your side
  • Categorize trackers, pairing cookies with specific purposes or categories and automatically associating purposes when the vendor is part of TCF V2. If the vendor is not, users are able to add one or more purposes to the tracker.
  • Exempt trackers (for FR CNIL only), letting users decide whether to exempt a specific tracker from consent collection if it meets the requirements published by the CNIL. 
  • Apply filters, if the user wants to look for a particular group of trackers (type, lifetime, purposes…).
  • Export the list, either in XLS or JSON format, to easily populate your cookie policy page with reliable information.

The Smart Cookie List Manager will help you ensure compliance and protect your business from regulatory bodies’ warnings and fines with an up-to-date, reliable cookie policy you can count on. It also allows you to reassure your customers about your use of tracking technologies, and transparently communicate about your data collection practices.


All this, at a fraction of the cost and time it would previously take to create and maintain a cookie policy.


How to get started with the Smart Cookie List Manager 


Cookie policies are a key part of a cohesive, all-encompassing privacy-first strategy. Not only the Smart Cookie List Manager will help you save time and energy (and probably a lot of headaches), but it’s a clear step in the right direction for organizations to showcase both their customers and global regulatory bodies that they take privacy seriously. 


If you’re interested in identifying, categorizing and exporting your cookie lists to generate a globally compliant cookie policy, get in touch with one of our experts: