At Didomi, we know how important cookies are to publishers and their monetisation strategies. But what if a visitor declines cookies? How can you continue to benefit from them if you can’t gain ad-revenue or analyse how they use your site? This is why we’ve partnered up with Poool to bring you the optimal alternative cookie wall solution – gather compliant user consent and monetise your audience simultaneously.  






What is a wall and who are Poool?


A wall can take many forms (paywall, registration wall, cookie wall, to name a few) but what they all have in common is that access to content is blocked and the user is required to give some form of value exchange. 


A paywall, for example, asks a visitor to pay for content on a publisher’s website, whilst a registration wall only requires that they create an account before gaining access. 


Walls are Poool’s speciality. Their dynamic solution gives publishers a fully personalisable and easy-to-integrate wall that can help achieve goals in various areas of business, including monetisation, increasing engagement and growing a registered user-base.


Using Poool’s dashboard, a publisher can design every aspect of the wall, from messaging to style, as well as allocate compensation choices to different audience segments based on a user’s context (such as type of content or device).


DIDOMI WHITEPAPER | Cookiewalls, paywalls, advertising… What does the future hold for media monetisation? 

Want to find out more about walls? This whitepaper discusses what the law says about cookie walls, and what this means for users and for monetisation. 


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So, if Poool does walls and Didomi provides a bespoke consent management solution, how about we bring the two together? Introducing the alternative cookie wall. 


The Didomi X Poool integration 


As normal, a visitor to your site is presented with Didomi’s CMP, asking for consent to use cookies. If they accept, the user can carry on as normal. However, if they decline, an alternative cookie wall will appear, blocking content and asking for something in exchange for access. They can either consent to cookies or choose the other compensation choice defined by the publisher. This could be anything from subscribing to registering or paying a monthly fee.



Given the importance of cookies in many publishers’ monetisation strategies, the rejection of cookies by readers negatively affects the content producer’s business model. However, an alternative cookie wall solution will not only give a second chance for a reader to accept, but also offers them an alternative that requires them to contribute to your business in some other way. 


Therefore, this Didomi and Poool partnership will allow you to consolidate your CMP and paywall solution into a single model, generating revenue and meeting compliance requirements at the same time. 


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The best bit? Our new alternative cookie wall is free for all Didomi clients (if they are already a Poool client) and incredibly easy to integrate! Simply add Poool as a vendor on your consent notice and voilá. They say nothing worth having comes easy but we beg to differ.


Benefits of the Didomi x Poool integration: 


  • Free for Didomi clients if you are already Poool's client 

  • Full integration into your existing infrastructure (colour, branding, wording)

  • A variety of compensation choices to pick between (based on your strategy)

  • Easy access to the alternative cookie wall implementation from your console 

  • Fully compliant (of course) 



Benefits of an alternative cookie wall for publishers 


It’s increasingly easy for users to decline cookies, given toughening EU regulations and Google's  announcement it would stop supporting third-party cookies on its Chrome browser in 2022 (following Apple, Safari & Mozilla Firefox). Given that over 85% of online browsing is carried out on these platforms, significant change is imminent.


What does the future hold for media monetisation? An alternative cookie wall can be part of this future, and benefit a business in a variety of ways. 


Revenue opportunity: an alternative cookie wall can not only encourage a user to accept cookies on your site, as an extra step after the CMP, but the cookie-free alternative also provides a monetisation opportunity, increasing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). The options for this compensation choice are endless and depend on your strategy, but possibilities include charging a set fee per month or requiring the user to subscribe. Monetise your audience without compromising on privacy. 


Open up a dialogue with users: being fully transparent with your readers and showing you care about their data is a big step in building lasting relationships that will take you far in your retention strategies. An alternative cookie wall represents a key opportunity to open up a dialogue with users around cookie usage and their importance in supporting the production of content. Cookies, and especially walls, are very new to consumers so it’s vital that you make them feel at ease, in control and well informed. 


Provides an alternative: if cookies are rejected, publishers’ revenue from advertising suffers and user behaviour can no longer be analysed. This is where a wall comes in, not only allowing you to create a cookie-free option that can benefit you in some other way (subscription, registration…) but also providing an alternative for your user. The wall therefore benefits both parties simultaneously. Consumers appreciate choice and publishers require a value exchange. Win win.  


Fully compliant: as normal with Didomi, this solution is fully compliant with regulations surrounding cookies and tracking, such as GDPR and CPRA. With your wording and branding, the wall will give users the choice between cookie usage or not and inform them of how their data is used, ensuring they are aware of the respect that you have of their privacy and information. 


“Two heads are better than one”

Thanks to this partnership, we have harnessed the strengths of both our businesses, bringing them into one optimised product to gather compliant consent and monetise simultaneously. The teams at Didomi and Poool are looking forward to seeing you integrate our alternative cookie wall solution into your site and begin to experience its benefits materialise! 


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