As the golden era of Big Data comes to an end, marketers have had to adapt their practices. 


While the impending death of third-party cookies, growing privacy concerns from customers and increasing regulatory trends can be seen as a threat to data-driven marketing practices, leading businesses around the world are starting to see privacy as an opportunity.

First and zero-party data (data that has been submitted by users on their own  accord) have become a goldmine for marketers, allowing them to understand users better and to create highly personalized campaigns - while staying compliant with privacy regulations.


To address these trends and help marketers embrace the shift towards privacy-first practices, we’re delighted to announce a brand new integration with Mailchimp. Didomi and Mailchimp clients are now able to make users’ preferences a key part of their marketing campaigns.  


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Summary : 




Mailchimp: All-in one platform for the modern marketer


Mailchimp is a marketing, automation and email platform helping marketers and small business owners create advanced marketing campaigns with an easy-to-use, intuitive set of tools. Started in 2001, the company has grown exponentially and was acquired by Intuit in 2021 for around $12 billion.


Historically, Mailchimp has been very effective at helping users manage their subscribers’ lists, by providing the ability to enrich contacts with various data points in order to fine-tune personalized email communications.


As the platform expanded its set of tools from email to websites, landing pages, ads, ecommerce and more, the ability to personalize and provide custom-made interactions has become increasingly important.

This is where the integration with our Preference Management Platform comes in.


The integration: Collecting preferences for optimal targeting


Gathering data from customers and subscribers to cater to their interests and choices is essential to be able to create communications that fits their preferences:


  • How often do they want to be contacted?

  • What are their preferred channels of communication? 

  • What are their hobbies and interests?


Being aware of this preference data will be a deciding factor between an engaging, personalized campaign that delights your audience and intrusive, irrelevant outreach efforts that will eventually cause them to unsubscribe.


Didomi’s Preference Management Platform (PMP) addresses exactly this issue. It allows you to collect data directly from the users themselves, asking them about their preferences so you can adapt your experience accordingly. The PMP gives you the flexibility to ask questions that are relevant to your specific businesses, instead of relying on generic data that doesn’t truly cater to your users’ profiles.


The integration between Mailchimp and Didomi's PMP can sync collected preferences with your Mailchimp contacts. Placing them at the heart of your targeted marketing campaigns. Knowing your users is now easily accessible to you and you can leverage this data endlessly to enhance your ROI! The better you know your users, the better you can build targeted marketing campaigns.


Your Mailchimp contacts can be automatically enriched with first- and zero-party data, directly collected from your users using the PMP. This is the most reliable type of data there is, as it has been provided directly and willingly by users. It allows you to understand them better, and create the best possible experience as a result.


To learn more, take a look at our checklist on how to build a successful zero-party data strategy 5 steps:


Check out our zero-party data Whitepaper


A smooth integration between Didomi’s PMP and Mailchimp


The integration is quite straightforward. You are able to sync the preferences collected using the PMP with your Mailchimp contacts in three steps:


  1. Retrieve your Mailchimp API Key on your Mailchimp interface. Don’t hesitate to check Mailchimp’s documentation about this process. 

  2. Reach out to your CSM or directly to our support team at for the implementation on our side

  3. Enable the integration whenever you want to transfer the preferences.


Once the integration is enabled, preferences will automatically be forwarded to your Mailchimp contacts. In case a contact does not exist in your Mailchimp account, this integration provides you with the flexibility to create a new one in your Mailchimp contact base directly.


You can find more information around the implementation on our support page and our developers documentation.


NOTE: You must be a Didomi and Mailchimp customer to enable the integration of both tools. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact our support team at We would be happy to help you and guide you. We can also book a demo to show you how our products work.