La Philharmonie de Paris is a renowned Parisian musical institution offering live performances, concerts, and workshops for all ages on a multitude of different repertoires.


A continuation of the Cité de la Musique, founded in 1995, the Philharmonie building opened in 2015, and the two entities now form a single institution with almost 600 employees.

Delphine Anquetil, Head of Digital Products at La Philharmonie de Paris, looks back on her experience with Didomi and shares with us her experience setting up a Consent Management Platform across all La Philharmonie de Paris domains.





Challenge: Implementing a new consent collection system following a digital overhaul


La Philharmonie de Paris has a large number of digital domains and internal resources, with 4 e-commerce sites, 1 application, and 11 documentary sites. This ecosystem accounts for no less than 1.5 million page views per month, with predominantly European traffic.

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018, the issue of Privacy is a subject taken seriously by the institution, which has extremely competent service providers committed to regulatory compliance and best practices.

Then, between 2019 and 2021, an overhaul of the entire digital ecosystem was carried out, pushing the organization to entrust the topic of data protection compliance to a competent external entity with good experience in the field.

To do so, the group conducted market research to find the right partner who was able to:

  • Deploy a solution on app, web, and mobile environments

  • Ensure compliance with the GDPR and the French DPA (CNIL)

  • Collect and store data securely

  • Benefit from personalized and rigorous monitoring

  • Offer a transparent user experience via a cookie banner that adapts to brand identity


Solution: Deploying a single CMP on a different environment


Following thorough market research, La Philharmonie de Paris chose to go with Didomi's Consent Management Platform (CMP) to manage consent collection on its web properties.


This decision was mainly based on the guarantees of a reliable solution that Didomi offers through its rigorous monitoring and intuitive dashboards, allowing for effective control and management, tools the team at La Philharmonie de Paris appreciated for their ease of use and flexibility.

Another of Didomi's major assets is its automatic cookie scanning thanks to the compliance report, an extremely valuable feature that helped the Parisian organization discover that several of the third-party services it was using were generating an unsuspected number of cookies.

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Finally, the customer support provided by Didomi (and available in French) was a determining factor for the Philharmonie de Paris.


“The responsiveness of Didomi to legislative changes is really valuable, as we work on many topics. This proves that there is real support and follow-up, which is much appreciated.”


- Delphine Anquetil, Head of Digital Products at La Philharmonie de Paris


Delphine Anquetil highlights that the implementation phase went very smoothly, thanks to a half-day integration session dedicated to explaining how the solutions work and how to get started.


In addition, monthly meetings were set up to evaluate the implementation process and ensure that operations were proceeding smoothly. These regular checkpoints allowed for verification that there was no loss of traffic and that the banners were correctly displayed, especially on mobile.


Visuel of the consent banner of the "La Philharmonie de Paris" webiste on an Ipad


La Philharmonie de Paris designed a consent banner that embodies their visual identity, from the brand's colors to its logo, along with a text recommended by Didomi.

On the question of analytics and optimizing the consent rate, the team is supported and advised by an agency. As a result, between the onboarding, support, and backup provided by the agency, the roll-out was optimal, easy, and smooth.

“The Didomi Consent Management Platform is a reliable tool that is easy to set up with personalized follow-up.


- Delphine Anquetil, Head of Digital Products at La Philharmonie de Paris


Results: Optimized processes and efficient consent management


Didomi offers transparency throughout the user journey, a crucial aspect at a time when users are increasingly vigilant about the collection and use of their data. Since implementing a CMP, La Philharmonie de Paris has received no complaints from its users and benefits from full compliance across its web, mobile, and soon app environments.

Successful integration also means significant time savings for the in-house team.


The fact that we control the entire chain, from Didomi to Google Tag Manager, makes it so much easier for us to keep track of everything


- Delphine Anquetil, Head of Digital Products at La Philharmonie de Paris


This efficiency makes deployment on one of their sites, with a relatively simple tagging plan, extremely fast, requiring just one hour of work.


Today, La Philharmonie de Paris wishes to extend its collaboration with Didomi to its mobile application "Philharmonie Live." The institution is undertaking a complete overhaul of its application, an opportunity to comply with current regulations and adapt its consent banner to a new format.


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