The Analytics tab of your Didomi Console is ripe with data and metrics for you to understand the efficiency of your consent notices. In order to help you leverage and share these metrics more efficiently, Didomi is proud to introduce a brand new feature: Analytics Export!


Analytics Export allows you to export all the data you can find in your Didomi Consent Management Platform (CMP). This data is a key source of information to understand the impact of your notices on your users, analyze their behavior and make decisions about your future strategies.






Analytical data: Variables and impact


Didomi gathers a lot of data through the SDKs (development kits) deployed on your web platforms (website, mobile application, etc). Our CMP offers several metrics, percentages, and diagrams based on this data to provide you with a consistent, transparent and precise overview of your notices, allowing you to measure their impact.


These metrics also paint a picture of the profile of your users and their behavior. For instance, you can learn more about the consent rate per notice, as well as the rate of positive and negative responses, letting you know which notices perform best. For more information about the metrics displayed, please read our dedicated article.


Measuring the performance of your notices is an essential element in evaluating their relevance.


Metrics can help you analyze where you are, in order to decide where you can go.


The data in the Analytics section is updated on a regular basis for consistency, either weekly or daily. For more information on updating the metrics in the Analytics section, you can check our support page on the topic.


Compared to our Batch Export feature, Analytics Export offers a wider range of data to export for your own purposes. This includes not only consent data, but also the different choices made by users and the rates associated:




For more information on the stats and metrics available in the Analytics section, please visit our two support pages on measuring results in the Analytics section and filters in the Analytics section.


Analytics Export: Export data for 100% personalized analysis


The new Analytics Export feature is a real asset for managing your metrics. 

Thanks to this feature, you can now export all your Analytics data, which you can then use in your own environment according to your needs. Analytics Export gives you the means to produce 100% personalized reports according to your own requirements, in line with your strategy, and to better assess the impact of your notices on your users.


In addition, you can share this information with a third party. As you probably know, you need a Didomi account to have access to the platform and all the features available on the Console. With Analytics Export, you are now able to share the metrics in the Analytics section with others, without them having to create a Didomi account, for simple and smooth collaboration. 



Finally, Analytics Export relies on the longevity of the information offered in the Console. You can indeed choose to save metrics for as long as you want, keeping a precise and relevant retrospective of your notices over time, with any automatic deletion after a certain amount of time. 

How to install Analytics Export on the Didomi Console?


Analytics Export is a premium feature, requiring an additional cost on top of the CMP price. 


To activate it as a Didomi client, please contact your Customer Success Manager or schedule a demo to help us better understand your current needs. We would be delighted to share our new feature with you.


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