On a digital investment platform, users need a seamless experience so they can invest at exactly the right moment. But, they also need their data rights protected and knowledge about how their personal data is used. This was the issue WiSEED faced. Read on to find out how WiSEED ensures data compliance, without over-complicating user experience.


Summary : 



Challenge: Ensuring CNIL compliance, without complicating the user journey


Data compliance is a priority for WiSEED.  


As a digital investment platform, especially with its status as an Investment Services Provider with the French ACPR, it is important that their data practices are impeccable. 


In this culture of transparency and best practices, the announcement of the new CNIL recommendations (The French data protection authority) was the trigger for WiSEED to change its data strategy. 


Equipped with only a simple in-house banner at the bottom of their site saying "if you continue browsing, you accept the use of cookies", WiSEED quickly realised that they would need an external partner to ensure full compliance. 


What kind of partner did WiSEED need? 

Of course, WiSEED needed a partner who could ensure full data compliance.


This requires not only an understanding of the CNIL recommendations, but also an understanding and exhaustive audit of the data collected by WiSEED, and the legal basis to which it belongs (legitimate interest or consent). 


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However, WiSEED also needed a partner who understood the importance of performance. 


User experience is a top priority for WiSEED, as users need to be able to make investments quickly, at exactly the right time. If they are unable to, due to a complicated user journey and cumbersome pop-in consent banners, WiSEED will lose revenue. 


WiSEED needed a partner who would help them find the best possible user experience in terms of data practices, combining compliance and performance. 


So they contacted Didomi.


Didomi's CMP: a compliant and performant solution 


First things first, compliance. 


As the deadline set by the CNIL drew closer, the first step was to ensure a centralised platform to manage all consents. Therefore, WiSEED implemented a bespoke Didomi Consent Management Platform.


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Our turnkey solution allows companies to integrate their own banner, but, as WiSEED has found, our customer support team is always responsive and ready to answer any questions. 


According to the CNIL, continuing to browse on a site does not constitute valid consent (it must be a clear positive action). Therefore, the CNIL requires the presence of a "Refuse All" option at the first level of the banner. The screenshot below of the WiSEED consent notice demonstrates that it respects these two fundamental recommendations. 



"We were quickly able to see what we had to do concretely, technically speaking, to implement. That helped a lot" - Julien Chazal, WiSEED frontend web developer 


At the second level of the banner, the grouping of purposes into categories improves the user experience and allows for granularity of choice.  


It was important for WiSEED that users understood the purposes for data collection. So they liked the fact that they could group them into categories to provide granularity of choice and easy understanding for the user. 


This highlights the importance WiSEED places on its "culture of compliance". By being transparent about how people's data is used and with whom it is shared, WiSEED is able to build customer trust and demonstrate best practices. 



Compliance is important, but so is performance.  

Of course, compliance is a top priority. But that does not mean that performance has to be sacrificed. 


Google Tag Manager Integration: One of WiSEED's main concerns was the ability to continue using Google Tag Manager. WiSEED uses GTM for all their scripts, so they needed a simple solution to interface their consent solution and GTM. Didomi's integration with GTM was indispensable to them, and a good example that prioritising compliance does not mean compromise! 


"What also counted in the choice was the fact that Didomi has an integration with GTM. We use GTM for all of our scripts, so that was a big factor for us." - Julien Custoja, Chief Technology Officer at WiSEED 


Prioritising a seamless user journey: WiSEED chose between a pop-in format and a footer format, to see which was better in terms of user experience, and which would give a better consent rate. 


Users need to be able to make quick investments at exactly the right moment, and so WiSEED opted for the footer format, which does not block access to the site, so that consent does not complicate the user experience. On the contrary, it enhances it.  


"We decided to put the banner at the bottom of the page so that it would be a little less intrusive for our customers. (...) We didn't want it to be intrusive because there are a lot of people who log on at precisely the right time to invest."  - Julien Custoja, Chief Technology Officer at WiSEED  




Result: A digital investment platform that puts its users first 


Improved user experience: 

Compliance does not mean compromising on user experience, but rather improving it. 


The consent notice is the first thing users see when they visit the WiSEED website. It is therefore the perfect opportunity for WiSEED to show that it puts users' data rights first. Users can make their investments quickly and efficiently, safe in the knowledge that WiSEED does not compromise their data rights. 


Improved reporting and data analysis: 

Thanks to the analytics dashboard provided by Didomi, WiSEED is able to track its consent rates on a daily basis. 


Many Didomi customers were concerned that their consent rates would plummet as a result of the latest CNIL recommendations. However, Didomi has helped them to optimise their consent and to provide best practices. 


In fact, after analysing our customers' consent rates, we found that they had only dropped from 94% in February to 86% in April, a relatively small change given the scope of the CNIL recommendations. 


"I admit we were surprised. I thought that people, if given the choice, would click on "I refuse". I didn't think that there would be so many people who would click on "I accept"." - Julien Chazal, Frontend web developer at WiSEED 


With the Didomi solution, WiSEED is able to be compliant in their data practices and maintain their culture of transparency. Users benefit from this transparency, while enjoying an optimised user experience that allows for efficient investments. 


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