At Didomi, we guarantee compliance, but we also boost performance. Data protection matters, but so does the bigger picture: so do analytics. Optimal data relationship management is about great data visualization. This is why, at Didomi, we recently redesigned the user interface in the Didomi Console, ensuring optimized and easy-to-use dashboards for our clients. Carry on reading for an exclusive look into the updated Didomi Console! 






Yes We Trust Summit: Didomi organized a worldwide event on October 7th, 2021 on how privacy drives business 

How can high-growth companies build and maintain a technology stack that drives results for business without compromising on transparency? What role does privacy play in an increasingly data- and technology-driven world ecosystem? What is your sense of the level of awareness about data privacy among your company's executive team? Watch the replay to know more.


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Data privacy and data analytics: a match made in heaven 


You might think that data privacy and data analytics are an unlikely match. But, with the Didomi offering, data compliance and data performance come hand-in-hand. 


Protecting user data rights does not mean compromising on data analytics. In fact, it's the opposite. At Didomi we recognize that, from a business aspect, there are certain metrics that will always be valuable to your team and company. 


Consent rate, no-choice rate, web pageviews, app sessions, data comparison per country: metrics such as these allow you to measure the performance of your website and gain crucial insights into the behavior of your users. Didomi is proud to provide more than 20 metrics and KPIs


Our Consent Management Platform is more than just a compliant cookie banner. It’s also a full analytics technology that lets you closely monitor and analyze key metrics, to measure performances with hard numbers.


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Carry on reading for an overview of the kind of dashboards Didomi can provide your company with our Advanced Analytics feature, allowing you to bring data together to create actionable insights. 


Advanced Analytics: an exclusive look into the Didomi Console 


At Didomi, we ensure compliance, but we also encourage performance. Here’s a peek into the Didomi Console, for an idea of how we allow our clients to visualize their data. 


Didomi collects events through the SDKs deployed on your properties (websites, mobile apps, privacy centers, etc.) and provides aggregated analytics in the Didomi Console.


The "Analytics" section available in the left menu of the Didomi Console provides a series of metrics. You can apply filters to obtain subsets of metrics across various dimensions.


Capture d’écran 2022-11-28 à 13.52.02

A mockup of the Analytics section of the Didomi Console. Please note: this is a mockup, the data has been implemented for visual purposes only. 


So… let’s dive in and have a closer look at some of our features! 


This is just a small selection to give you an idea of how the Didomi Console looks. However, Didomi provides dashboards on: 

  • Domains & Apps 

  • Countries 

  • Tech 

  • Web pageviews

  • App sessions.  


Of course, if you have any questions about the Didomi Console, our team would be happy to answer them. 


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Relation between the consent rate and the no-choice rate

We believe that great dashboards should be as user-friendly and easy to read as possible. 


The relationship between the consent rate and the no-choice rate is an excellent example of the varied ways in which data can be visualized in the updated Didomi Console. 


Here, the volume of consent is highlighted by the size of the bubbles to get a sense of the impact on overall performances. 


Capture d’écran 2022-11-28 à 13.54.15

Please note: this is a mockup, the data has been implemented for visual purposes only. 



Consent rate distribution per country and Operating System (OS)

At Didomi, we’re proud to have international clients, with an international scope. We’re also proud that our Consent Management Platform functions across all channels: web, mobile, video games, and connected TV


Our clients need a way to visualize their consent rate distribution, by country and by Operating System. Here, for each country, you have the volume of the consent asked (total notices) per OS.


Capture d’écran 2022-11-28 à 13.55.31

Please note: this is a mockup, the data has been implemented for visual purposes only. 



Overview of account performance with the distribution per country

This dashboard takes a different approach: a geographical, map view, where the larger the circle, the higher the number of consents gathered. Metrics such as consent rate, negative consent rate, addressability rate, total notices, no-choice rate and number of positive consents also figure on the panel above.  


Capture d’écran 2022-11-28 à 13.56.44

Please note: this is a mockup, the data has been implemented for visual purposes only. 



Consent personalization metrics

Finally, tables such as this one provide the volume and ratio of users customizing their consent. This view clearly indicates the total notices, total choices, changed purposes, changed purpose rate, changed vendors, and finally the changed vendor rate. 


Capture d’écran 2022-11-28 à 13.57.16

Please note: this is a mockup, the data has been implemented for visual purposes only. 


That’s just a sneak preview, but there are many other possibilities for Advanced Analytics data visualization in the Didomi Console. 



Want your company to be next? 


If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. Didomi’s platform allows you to monitor the metrics that matter to build trust with privacy.


Many worries that giving users clear choices in terms of cookies and tracking will dramatically reduce consent rates and analytics data. However, at Didomi we help our clients to optimise their consent rates, offering AB testing features and advice on best practices. 


Our Console allows for real-time consent analytics, powerful AB testing, and integration with user optimization tools. 


We’d like to thank our data analysts and developers for the redesign of the Didomi Console. It highlights our commitment to not only ensuring data compliance but also optimizing data performance. 


Feeling inspired by the Didomi dashboards? Want your company to be next? Contact us. 


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