In recent months, vendor lists have become an increasingly burning topic for publishers and businesses alike. Last February, the Belgian data protection authority (APD) ruled IAB Europe’s Transparency Consent Framework illegal, citing in part the fact that displaying too many vendors in a CMP notice could render consent invalid.


But managing one’s vendor list can be overwhelming, and knowing where to start isn’t always easy when publishers have, on average, 800 vendors to sort through. This is why we’re excited to announce the launch of Agnostik’s latest feature: The Smart Vendor List Manager.


Continue reading and learn how the Smart Vendor List Manager can help you identify undeclared or inactive vendors, and manage your list of declared vendors to ensure compliance of your website while boosting business performance.






Identifying, qualifying, and managing the CMP vendor list for your website made easier than ever


Acquired by Didomi in January 2022, Agnostik offers a range of compliance and privacy products and services to assess, improve and maintain organizations' highest privacy standards over time. 


Today. we’re delighted to announce the launch of Agnostik’s latest feature, the Smart Vendor List Manager


While managing one’s vendor list is a complicated matter for a lot of businesses and publishers, it is critical for various reasons:


  • Ensuring compliance with privacy regulations over time

  • Protecting ad-driven revenue for publishers and optimizing the vendor/revenue ratio

  • Improving digital performance


Indeed, many organizations underestimate the complexity involved in managing, identifying and comparing vendors. Without a tool like the Smart Vendor List Manager, your team has to make sure that each purpose associated with vendors is accurate, and manually edit the vendor list to declare it all. 


This can easily require dozens of hours of manual maintenance.


The Smart Vendor List Manager provides transparency by uncovering all the vendors and their activities on your domain, granularly categorizing them by their quality, activity, relevance and more, to update your CMP accordingly. Not only will it save your team time, ensure compliance and prevent mistakes, but it’ll allow them to focus on strategy and other key areas of business instead.


Let’s take a close look at how the Smart Vendor List Manager works, and how you can get started.


How does the Smart Vendor List Manager work?   




In essence, the Smart Vendor List Manager gives you an overview of what’s going on behind the scenes on your website with a detailed audit. Displayed in an intuitive dashboard, vendors are broken down in 5 categories:


  • Vendors detected overall on your domain

  • Total vendors declared in your CMP 

  • Active vendors declared in your CMP 

  • Inactive vendors declared in your CMP

  • Active vendors not declared in your CMP


Based on this information, you’re able to identify gaps between the various data points. Ideally, you should aim to remove inactive vendors from your vendor list, and make sure that all active vendors are declared, to find a match between the vendors detected, active and declared in your Consent Management Platform


To help you achieve this, the Smart Vendor List Manager provides you important data and lets you take several actions. Within your interface, you’re able to:


  • Provide a detailed card for each vendor, assigning them a Trust Index score based on both Vendor’s Identity Statement and behavior

  • Apply filters for a granular vendor view (category, Trust Index level, legal basis, declared TCF Purpose and Features, etc…) Apply filters of your choice according to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter to you and manage the vendors with ease

  • Auto-categorize IAB vendors with relevant purposes

  • Add or remove a vendor from your CMP declaration list, according to their value for your business and their compliance level

  • Export the updated list as a JSON or a CSV format, which you can then import to your Consent Management Platform (CMP) to update your notice. 


Once the list has been exported and synced with your CMP, you can rest assured you’ve taken some critical steps towards compliance, improved performance and optimized ad-driven revenue. With the Smart Vendor List Manager, this entire process takes minutes instead of hours, or even days for publishers with large vendor lists.


Start managing your vendor list and ensuring your compliance today


In conclusion, we can all agree that managing (and reducing) your vendor list is extremely important. From a compliance standpoint (cf the Belgian APD decision on IAB Europe’s TCF earlier this year), but also for performance and revenue generation.


As consumers become increasingly wary of the way their data is handled, and as data privacy regulations continue to spread around the world, being diligent with data practices -including vendor management- is a responsibility businesses cannot avoid anymore. 


To run an audit of your current situation and try the Smart Vendor List Manager, book a call with our team today:


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