Following an increase in data privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, policies regarding the use of cookies have changed significantly. For businesses, it can sometimes be complicated to navigate and fully understand their impact.


Created 13 years ago and owned by the Nestlé Group, Wamiz is the number one online media specialized in pet-related topics in Europe. Articles and services for pet owners are published across 7 European markets (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands) and reach more than 50 million unique visitors. 

Sébastien Courtin, Director of Operations at Wamiz, explains his combined use of the Consent Management Platform and the Facettes tool from Didomi and Agnostik, as well as his desire to better understand and control the use of cookies on his site.


Summary :




Challenge: Controlling and understanding the use of cookies on the 7 sites across Europe


Wamiz has a strong presence in several European markets and handles a high volume of personal data, with a traffic of over 50 million visitors per month. 


For Sébastien and his team, it was therefore essential to deploy a Consent Management Platform (CMP) in all the European markets in which they operate, in compliance with the regulations in force. The banner had to be user-friendly in order to blend into the user experience, and allow the company to increase its consent rate.


In parallel to collecting consent, Wamiz also had a strong desire to put in place a controlled policy for cookies and the partners they wanted to work with. To do this, they needed a better understanding of the purposes, stakes and context behind the use of cookies by their teams or those of their vendors


Solution: Combine the Didomi’s CMP and the Agnostik Facettes tool 


Wamiz approached Didomi and Agnostik to learn more about their Consent Management Platform and Facettes tool, a solution for auditing and evaluating web environments. This choice stems from a need for compliance and a commitment to ensures that the various actors with whom Wamiz works respect the positive, negative or lack of consent of users. This operation can be difficult to analyze and control without tools. 

It was also the official merger between Didomi and Agnostik that convinced Sébastien to use these two technologies together


“As soon as Didomi and Agnostik got closer, it became obvious to me to use these two solutions simultaneously”. Sébastien Courtin, Director of Operations at Wamiz.


To implement Didomi's Consent Management Platform, Wamiz benefited from a quick onboarding and implementation, allowing the banner to be deployed in less than a month. The media company was able to fully customize their cookie banner, from the logo to the typography and the background image.


Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 16.58.00


The vendor list was also worked on, so that not all IAB vendors are on the CMP. For Wamiz, customizing your vendor list and having a good knowledge of each and every vendor is essential to ensure full compliance.


The company benefits from regular follow-up and support thanks to two dedicated Agnostik and Didomi Account Managers, who ensure that the tools are working properly and offer advanced assistance.


“At Agnostik and Didomi, we benefit from a better follow-up of the triggered cookies, thanks to the support of our Customer Success Manager: why, how and in which context are they triggered?” Sébastien Courtin, Director of Operations at Wamiz


Using the Facettes tool allowed Wamiz teams to gain a better understanding of their environment and regain control over the cookie usage process. 


How does the Facettes tool work? First, robots simulate user behavior and store data exchanges according to 3 scenarios based on the CNIL audits: 


  1. Accept all

  2. Refuse all

  3. No explicit choice


This data is then aggregated in secure databases and processed by Agnostik's regulatory and business algorithms. Finally, the analysis of this data by Facettes allows for a "privacy assessment", an evaluation of the impact of corrective actions thanks to a compliance index. 


This prevents breaches in the use of personal data by partners and trackers.


“Our team is much better than it was at the beginning of the year on how the cookies are triggered as well as on their purpose. I'm sure this is due to the support that Didomi and Agnostik can provide.” Sébastien Courtin, Director of Operations at Wamiz.


Results: A clear visibility and control of cookies dropped and an improved consent rate of 78%


Grâce au déploiement de la CMP Didomi, Wamiz a enregistré une hausse du taux de consentement positif sur le marché français, passant de 70%  à 78% sur les 4 dernières semaines. 


Dans sa quête de contrôle et de connaissance, Wamiz bénéficie d’un suivi détaillé des déclenchements des cookies sur le site grâce au suivi d’Agnostik et peut ainsi prendre des décisions sur les actions à dérouler sur la CMP de Didomi. 


Avec le soutien d’Agnostik et de Didomi, les équipes de Wamiz naviguent avec plus d’aisance dans cet environnement data privacy


“Today, our partners will set cookies on our site without really asking why they are setting them. This forces the market to understand what they are doing and to put words to the purpose of a cookie.” Sébastien Courtin, Director of Operations at Wamiz.


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