The team at Didomi has recently launched a partnership with the online learning platform LinkedIn Learning, allowing employees to further their careers with video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills.


Why is continuing education a priority for Didomi? Why should organizations (especially remote-first) prioritize online learning, and how did we select LinkedIn Learning as our platform of choice?


In this article, we discuss why continuous learning matters for Didomi, the partnership with LinkedIn Learning, and how organizations can nurture learning and drive internal engagement.





Continuous learning as a pillar of company culture 


Since the company's inception in 2017, the leadership team at Didomi has always advocated providing learning and career opportunities for all employees, something that has transpired into the organizational culture at all levels, from promoting creativity during hackathons to partnering with leading learning platforms.


"The entire Didomi team is incredibly talented and eager to learn, and it was important for the executive team to ensure we provided everyone with the tools to develop and grow.


In addition to companies' obligations to train and maintain the employability of their staff, working in the data privacy industry requires every stakeholder to constantly adapt, learn, and evolve as new regulations are introduced, new frameworks emerge, and innovative products are developed. Investing creatively in continuous learning and allowing all Didomians to nurture this culture of curiosity has always been a priority."

- Oceane Dussert, Human Resources Director at Didomi


The team at Didomi truly believes that investing in employee learning is a strategic asset for organizations, thanks to a range of benefits that contribute to the organization's overall success and resilience


Some of the key advantages of fostering continuous learning include: 


  • Supporting employees in upskilling in their role and/or expanding their knowledge to new areas

  • Fostering a privacy-conscious culture by offering internal resources

  • Enhancing the organization's reputation and building trust with clients and partners 

  • Offering learning programs aligning with the company's strategic goals

  • Attracting like-minded applicants interested in growing in their role.


Several studies have highlighted the positive impact of continuous learning in the workplace, including the LinkedIn 2024 Workplace Learning Report, which correlates a strong learning culture with a massive jump in employee retention, as well as a significant increase in opportunities for internal mobility.


Didomi - business outcomes and learning culture


With these benefits in mind and the desire to provide Didomians with a best-in-class learning platform, the team at Didomi started researching online platforms that would meet the organization's needs.


Choosing the right learning platform


After trying out different approaches to managing and running training at Didomi, from a 100% in-house system to the use of a Training Management System (TMS), the Didomi team has chosen to lay out and clarify the purpose and objectives behind our continuous learning efforts.


The objectives behind this initiative are as follows:


  • Getting rid of the traditional approach and making knowledge easily available to employees using a "Netflix" method (i.e. on-demand 24/7)

  • Implementing a single platform to meet several of the organization's needs, from onboarding to technical training and career management.

  • Empowering employees to become more independent and autonomous in their choice of training.

  • Maintaining the ability to deliver in-house training content to ensure Didomians stay up-to-date with our solutions.


After much consideration, research, and trial and error, the Human Resources team at Didomi decided to introduce LinkedIn Learning, the leading online learning platform and a subsidiary of the professional social media channel LinkedIn.


Permanent employees at Didomi now all have access to LinkedIn Learning on their personal LinkedIn account, allowing them to access:  


  • A digital library of over 18,000 specialized courses in various fields. 

  • Didomi content to provide highly specific, in-house training.

  • A unique gateway to onboarding, learning, and career development resources.


Managed by the human resources team with support from LinkedIn, the program includes learning paths, onboarding courses for new joiners, training courses, and the entire library of LinkedIn courses, accessible by anyone at the company.


How to nurture employee engagement and drive learning internally


Training is a living subject that team managers and human resources, who are jointly responsible for this mission, need to drive.


The implementation of LinkedIn Learning at Didomi is a key element to making learning an integral part of our culture and enables us to go further in supporting employees and building tailored training packages with:


  • Compulsory courses provided by the organization for mandatory staff training

  • Compulsory and/or recommended training for managers to help them fulfill their role

  • Mandatory and/or recommended technical training for specific job families or teams

  • Compulsory training as part of new hires’ onboarding path

  • Recommended training as part of individual employees' career paths


It is important to remember that employees must not be suffocated by the sheer training volume. A training calendar and dedicated learning time slots are great ways of ensuring that learning takes place at a healthy pace.


Didomi x Linkedin Learning


For a remote-first company like Didomi, offering employees the opportunity to learn using an intuitive online platform was also a determining factor. 


Employees at Didomi work from 20 countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Cross-team collaboration and flexible remote tools are essential to our success, and the support provided to distributed teams by LinkedIn Learning is key in enabling Didomians to stay connected and engaged in their professional development from the very first days they spend in the organization.


“Integrating LinkedIn Learning into our onboarding process has empowered new hires at Didomi, offering a 'New Hire Onboarding Path' for tailored skill development.


Beyond immediate needs, LinkedIn Learning becomes a strategic asset, aiding in succession planning by identifying and nurturing talent within our team. It's not just about preparing individuals for future roles; it's about fostering a culture of growth, mentorship, and talent retention.”

- Carla Chiocci, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Didomi


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