Didomi announces the launch of its iOS and Android SDKs to help companies manage in-app consent. Didomi clients can now seamlessly integrate consent collection workflows into their iOS and Android apps and distribute these consents to the vendors they’re working with (monetization, advertising, marketing, etc.). This is part of a larger effort by Didomi to allow seamless privacy management across all the environments where our clients interact with users.






New in-app support for mobile app developers 

This new in-app support brings the multiple benefits of the Didomi consent management platform to mobile app developers:


  • Adaptable consent workflows (purpose and vendor control)
  • Fully customizable consent notices
  • Advanced consent analytics
  • IAB Europe Consent and Transparency framework support
  • Pre-set languages with 23 European language support


Didomi for developers


Why do you need to use a Consent Management Platform in your mobile app?


It’s the law:


If you have European mobile users, you need to respect your user privacy and enforce GDPR principles on the data if these users. It means that you need to have a valid legal basis to process any personal data. Personal data is defined extensively within GDPR: an advertising identifier, a GPS signal, an IP address are considered personal data. As the app owner, you are a data controller: you decide on the purpose for which personal data is collected and used through your app. This makes you also accountable for the data processing operated by companies/vendors helping you within your app.


Some of these data processings require user consent, for example using data for monetisation (profiling, advertising, etc.). The Consent Management Platform will help you collect, store and share this consent across your vendor base. With a CMP you have a full traceability on user consents which is one of your GDPR obligations with respect to consent collection as a legal basis for your data processing*. 


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It gives your users control:

Compliance is not the only reason why you should care about your user privacy. Respecting your users’ preferences in terms of privacy is just common sense: giving your user a honest and transparent choice is the best way to earn their trust. Most users will consent and not pay attention to this choice and that’s fine. But for the minority who cares, respecting their choice will soon be a condition to the good reputation of your app. Think about bad user reviews from this minority of vocal users.


It helps your monetisation:

If your app is free and supported by monetisation tactics (ads and/or data), your vendors have probably started to reach out to you to ensure that you are not harming their own GDPR compliance. With your CMP you will be in a position to share with them any consent event in real-time to ensure that they maximise the revenue they can help you generate for a given user while respecting the European privacy guidelines. This is a win for your whole supply chain which will see you as a source of valuable audiences with traceable privacy choices, something which is likely to be a strong differentiator in the years to come.

*There are other obligations in terms of user information, data access and privacy rights. Deploying a CMP is a good step towards full compliance but it is not the end of the compliance journey.


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