Companies using Adobe Commerce for building their e-commerce websites may find it hard to integrate consent notices. Complex, legalistic and requiring technical expertise to code, consent banners can prove challenging. However, no matter how challenging they may be to implement, they are fundamental to GDPR compliance, therefore often non-negotiable. 


The Didomi X Adobe Commerce partnership solves this issue. Didomi, in a partnership with Dn’D (a web agency specialized in e-commerce websites and expert with Adobe Commerce technology), has created a no-code integration to ensure the seamless addition of the CMP for Didomi clients who use Adobe Commerce for building their e-commerce websites. What are the benefits of this new partnership? Carry on reading to find out!





What is Adobe Commerce?


Adobe Commerce empowers thousands of retailers and brands with the best e-commerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow. 


Adobe Commerce is the leading e-commerce platform used for online stores. The Adobe Commerce Marketplace connects buyers with vendors, in different sectors. It’s one of the most popular CMS in the world for online stores.


The Marketplace is a solution that enables companies  to have access to several products for website optimization, and exchange directly with vendors. This kind of solution is a crucial tool for those who want to integrate new technologies to their website.


This platform offers several integrations for website optimization, in various categories:

  • Translation;

  • Marketing;

  • Customer Support;

  • Payments and Security;

  • and…Experience Management! 


Now CMPs are breaking onto the scene, becoming a category of their own on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace. 


This is unsurprising, given that Gartner predicts that, before year-end 2023, more than 80% of companies worldwide will be facing at least one privacy-focused data protection regulation. 


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The Didomi X Adobe Commerce integration


Before, companies using Adobe Commerce for building their e-commerce websites found it difficult to integrate consent notice banners. 


Why? As it takes time, and often requires technical expertise to code. Moreover, it can be daunting from a legalistic point of view: the combination of GDPR regulation and local data protection authority specificities, such as those of the French CNIL or the Italian Garante can prove overwhelming for those without prior knowledge of these exactitudes. 


On one hand, it’s critical to collect users' consent and on the other hand, some companies don’t have the time to integrate consent notice banners manually.


Thanks to the Didomi X Adobe Commerce integration, these days are over. 


The benefits of a CMP are twofold. CMPs both ensure regulatory compliance with data protection legislation such as the GDPR, and promote user trust by placing end users  in the driving seat of their data. 


And, now, they can be easily integrated too.


Benefits of the integration


This integration changes the game for Adobe Commerce users. What are its specific benefits? 


No code required 

Coding can be a daunting prospect for those without a technical profile. It’s a technical field that cannot be learnt in just one click. Thanks to Didomi’s integration on Adobe Commerce, you don’t need to code anything.


Free of any additional cost for Didomi clients 

This seamless integration is free of any additional cost for Didomi clients, which is a nice advantage. You won’t have to pay anything for the integration of the CMP from Adobe Commerce Marketplace. 


Quick & easy integration 

Finally, the implementation of the CMP couldn’t be more simple. This integration can be activated in no time thanks to a simple four step process as outlined below. 


Consent_Marketing_Blog_1740x900 (2)



How to enable the Didomi X Adobe Commerce integration


Enabling the Didomi X Adobe Commerce integration is a quick and easy process. Implementing the CMP can, in fact, be done in 4 simple steps: 


  1. You first need to login on Adobe Commerce.

  2. Go to the Marketplace tab.

  3. Find Didomi Consent Management option in the menu Personalization & Experience Management, or directly enter “Didomi Consent Management” in the search bar.

  4. Integrate the CMP!


With no code required, and no technical expertise, cookie compliance has never been easier. This really is a hassle-free way to both ensure GDPR compliance, and respect the data privacy of your end-users. 


If you would like more information around this process, we recommend you to see our dedicated user guide. Don’t forget that you need to be a Adobe Commerce user and Didomi client to perform this integration. 


Didomi is proud to offer this brand-new integration on Adobe Commerce Marketplace, a unique e-commerce software which gathers hundreds of thousands of users. 


This is a huge step forward for our CMP and we are pleased to create new integrations to protect user rights in terms of transparency and choice regarding their data. 


This integration is easy & seamless to integrate, and we hope it makes life easier for our users working with Adobe Commerce.


For more information on how to set-up the CMP with Adobe Commerce, do not hesitate to read our support page as well as our dedicated user guide on Adobe CommerceMarketplace.


For any other questions, book a call with us and we'd be happy to help. 


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