Paris, March 12th, 2024 - Leading consent management solutions provider Didomi announces the release of its yearly data privacy benchmark on consent collection, sharing data on consent banner performance and usage in Europe.


In a 25+ page report about data collection in Europe, Didomi showcases consent data aggregated from its Consent Management Platform (CMP) and paints a comprehensive picture of the state of consent collection in 2024.


Deployed on over 29k websites and apps, Didomi's CMP is recognized as the leading CMP on the market by software review website G2. This position, along with the expertise of the team at Didomi, allows the company to release insightful, data-packed content about the state of the data privacy industry:


"Didomi benchmarks are always highly anticipated. We are delighted to offer yet again access to our valuable aggregated data, helping organizations around the world assess the performance of their privacy efforts."


- Romain Gauthier, CEO and co-founder at Didomi


This year, the benchmark report features once again valuable information about consent banners, from the consent rates across various countries and industries to the performance of specific consent banner formats.


The study also features timely sections about additional industry topics, such as the impact of the IAB TCF v2.2, the release of Google Consent Mode V2, or the rise of cookie walls.


“The trends from the past few years are set to pick up speed in 2024. In this paper, we bring consent collection to the forefront again by sharing exclusive, proprietary insights on the best practices in the market per industry, location, consent banner format, and more. This edition also introduces data on hot topics like Google Consent Mode and cookie walls, which will be important talking points in the coming months.”


- Romain Gauthier, CEO and co-founder at Didomi


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