Paris - October 5th, 2023. Didomi, a global leader in data privacy and consent management, is introducing an evolution in its product offering with Global Privacy UX Solutions.


Didomi is announcing today the launch of its Global Privacy UX Solutions, an updated data privacy and compliance monitoring offering that reflects the evolution of the data privacy landscape worldwide, as well as of the company, which has been helping organizations with their compliance challenges since 2017.


Our mission was - and still is- to help organizations create compliant user experiences that respect people's choices and strengthen the bonds between brands and their customers.


- Romain Gauthier, co-founder and CEO at Didomi


An early mover in the data privacy space in Europe, Didomi now works with major global enterprises such as Rakuten, Volvo, Michelin, Orange, and Harrods, among others. The team has developed unique insights into the data protection challenges of modern organizations.


The company has shaped its updated product offering accordingly, with 3 core use cases that work together to help organizations with their Privacy UX and compliance challenges:

  • Multi-regulation consent management: manage consent for privacy regulations around the world, streamlined across multiple user touchpoints.
  • Privacy governance: effortlessly and automatically monitor vendor and tracker activity across hundreds of websites, staying compliant and reducing risk.

  • User privacy journeys: reach out to customers beyond cookies, with the flexibility to compliantly manage user choices and requests at all stages of their journey.

    These use cases are supercharged by 3 added values:

  • Integrations and connectors: reliable, tested integrations for sharing user choices and consented data across the tool stack

  • Security and access management gold-standard measures for secure Privacy UX delivery, including ISO-27001 certification and dedicated user permissions.

  • Premium services: industry specialists in consent and privacy, at your service from implementation throughout the entire customer journey.

This evolution is reflective of efforts from the team at Didomi to help enterprises create privacy-first user experiences that respect each person's privacy choices and build strong customer relationships.


" Data privacy is a complex topic to navigate for many of our customers, and we are very aware that compliance can be stressful. It is paramount for us at Didomi to deliver the most user-friendly experiences possible in order to alleviate that anxiety and help our customers focus on their business first and foremost." 


- Jeffrey Wheeler, Vice President of Product Development at Didomi


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