Paris - November 20th, 2023. Didomi, a global leader in data privacy and consent management, shares observations and insights on the impact of the Transparency and Consent Framework v2.2 in a new whitepaper.


As of today, participants in the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) are required to comply with the requirements of the latest iteration framework, TCF v2.2.


Didomi is a long-standing collaborator of IAB Europe, as expressed by the company CEO, Romain Gauthier:


Didomi has been actively involved in developing the TCF 2.2 with the IAB. The latest version of the framework introduces new requirements for increased transparency, something we believe is completely aligned with our Privacy UX beliefs.


- Romain Gauthier, co-founder and CEO at Didomi


Among the main changes the latest version of the TCF brings, participants are now required to adjust their Consent Management Platform (CMP) parameters to make their users' consent banner texts clearer and more transparent. This includes using more descriptive names and explanations in their consent banner texts, updating some of the purposes and features, and disclosing the number of vendors on the first layer of the banner.


This last point has especially been a source of concern for organizations and their privacy teams, who are eager to figure out how many vendors to declare and to evaluate the impact on their banner performance.


Ahead of the November 20 date, Didomi was able to gather data and draw preliminary observations on the changes in the number of vendors for organizations migrating from TCF v2.1 to v2.2 and their impact on consent rate performance. Although edifying, these early insights are only a sneak peek into TCF v2.2, and the data team at Didomi is excited to report back in a few months with more data. 


" These results are preliminary since only a minor portion of consent banners have been switched to the TCF V2.2 version so far. (...) We will continue to monitor and share our findings as TCF V2.2 adoption becomes widespread." 


- Quentin Marques, Head of Data at Didomi


To read the full paper and gain early insights into the impact of the TCF v2.2, download it (no email or information sharing required) on