Didomi is proud to share that our flagship Consent Management Platform (CMP) has been ranked at the top of the G2 2023 Summer Report, a quarterly ranking that compares solutions across the software industry based on verified user reviews.


Additionally, we’re delighted to be named a leader in the G2 Data Privacy Management Software category for the first time, for providing comprehensive solutions to manage a privacy program, and for helping our customers achieve and maintain compliance with privacy laws and regulations.


In this article, we dive deeper into these recent achievements, highlighting some of the most compelling reviews given by our customers, along with testimonials from our team.






Didomi ranks first in the G2 Consent Management Platform (CMP) category


The entire team at Didomi is delighted to be the #1 ranked Consent Management Platform (CMP) on G2, based on over 80 verified reviews provided by customers. 


To be included in this category, a software provider must provide its customers with ways to:


  • Provide notices to users about what data is processed, which specific entities process the data, for which purposes, under which legal justification, and other legal requirements required by various privacy regulations

  • Offer a dashboard for users to grant, refuse, or revoke consent

  • Create and share granular consent records with entities relying on CMP data, such as advertising and publishing partners, to enable and demonstrate lawful data processing.


Didomi - Updates on CPRA Console


The Didomi Consent Management Platform (CMP) has been our flagship offering from the early days of the company, and since 2021, we’ve been honored to be recognized by G2 as one of the main global players in the data privacy space. Some of our achievements on the site have included:


  • 2x High Performer in the CMP category

  • 4X Leader in the CMP category

  • 2X Momentum Leader in the CMP category

  • 1X High Performer in the Data Privacy Management Software category 

  • 1X Leader in the Data Privacy Management Software category 


Being awarded the number one position in the CMP ranking is a great achievement, stemming from our continuous efforts in delivering a state-of-the-art product, with a world-class level of support, and the best possible user experience. 


Indeed, among some of the standout numbers highlighted in G2 reviews, Didomi customers report high levels of satisfaction based on these factors:


  • Ease of use: 9/10

  • Quality of support: 9,4/10

  • Ease of setup: 8,6/10


The team at Didomi is constantly striving to enhance our offering with new features, an improved experience, and iterations based on customer feedback. Over the past few months, we’ve been able to deliver updates to our Console, and we have recently been recognized as a Google-certified CMP provider


We want to thank our customers, partners, and collaborators for playing a huge part in this great achievement. To learn more about our G2 ranking, read our customer reviews and access the CMP category, head now to G2:


Explore the CMP Grid on G2


Didomi is a leader in the G2 Data Privacy Management Software


For the first time, Didomi has also been named a Leader in G2’s Data Privacy Management Software category.


According to G2, this category identifies software providers with “comprehensive solutions for users to manage their company’s privacy program, including replying to consumer requests or data subject requests (DSR/DSAR) and mapping sensitive data.”


To qualify for this category, a product must help users achieve and maintain compliance with privacy laws and regulations, by:



We’re excited to be included in this new category as a leader, and are looking forward to continuing working with our customers, partners, and collaborators to improve our offering in this space.


Discover the Data Privacy Management Software G2 Grid


G2 2023 Summer Report: a word from our customers and team


To better understand what these awards and achievements actually mean, it’s important for us to highlight actual testimonials from our customers, but also to pull the curtain and give you a sneak peek at our internal team, working on building and supporting these products every day. 


Delivering privacy-first experiences, seamlessly

Among the 80+ reviews for Didomi on G2, a recurring theme is how easy-to-use the solution is, something that is embedded at the core of our product philosophy, as explained by Jeffrey Wheeler, our Vice President of Product Development:


“Data privacy is a complicated industry to navigate for many of our customers, and we are very aware that compliance can be a stressful topic. It is paramount for us at Didomi to deliver the most user-friendly experiences possible, in order to alleviate that anxiety and help our customers focus on their business first and foremost.”


- Jeffrey Wheeler, Vice President of Product Development at Didomi


Ease of adoption is critical for our customers, whether they are implementing a Consent Management Platform for the first time, migrating from a different provider, or looking to upgrade from an in-house solution:


“Coming from an internally-developed solution, thanks to Didomi, we were able to be way more dynamic, meeting the marketing needs related to the digital campaigns. Also, we were able to scale it on many other portals really easily.”


- Marco B, verified enterprise customer


Support and onboarding, all along the way

Each Didomi customer can rely on our Customer Care, Technical Support, and Customer Success teams, to help them onboard the platform and remain available to answer questions, concerns, and challenges they may face.


This ultra-personalized approach is heavily mentioned in G2 reviews, with customers highlighting the level of support they received, the thoroughness of our onboarding, and the reassurance that support was within reach at all times:


“(...) for every question, someone was here to answer.” 

- Cyril T, verified customer


Charlotte Perrin, our Director of Customer Success, comments on this commitment and the customer-centric approach we choose to adopt at Didomi:


“We are delighted to be recognized by G2, and that our level of service and support stands out as one of the key satisfaction factors for our customers. The customer team is working tirelessly to proactively assist Didomi clients in their data privacy and compliance challenges, and to ensure that they make the most out of our solutions. We want to thank all our amazing customers for their trust.”


- Charlotte Perrin, Director of Customer Success at Didomi


What’s next for Didomi?


While we’re delighted about this Summer Report from G2, we are only halfway through the year and have plenty more in store for our customers in 2023.


Keep your eyes peeled for our next quarterly product update, where we will feature some of our most recent achievements, including -but not limited to- our CMP becoming Google-certified, our ISO/IEC 27001 certification, being ranked as Top Performer on Sourceforge, and more.


If you have any questions about our solutions or want to discuss your data privacy challenges with one of our experts, please reach out:


Talk to an expert