We’re delighted to report that for the first time, Didomi was named a Leader in the Consent Management Platform (CMP) category in G2’s Fall Report. 


Maintaining a steady growth on the market and on the G2 grid, Didomi is ranked “5th Easiest to use software” out of hundreds of CMPs. Being a leader means that our solution has reached one of the highest positions in the grid. 


Let’s look back at the main feedback from our customers. 






A premium Consent Management Platform with a high level support


G2 is a worldwide peer-to-peer review platform that helps professionals evaluate the different software available on the market. Based on a system of in-depth and independent review, G2 is a reliable place to get objective feedback on software. 


Didomi currently has 50+ reviews, with an average rating of 4,6 out of 5:


Didomi G2 Report - Body format 12


Didomi’s CMP has had a fast and steady growth throughout the years in the G2 Grid. You can take a look at our previous performances in our last articles on the G2 Spring and Summer reports of 2022. 




Most of the reviews are highlighting the quality of the support which is fast, friendly and helpful even with the most technical issues.


Didomi G2 Quotes


The Consent Management Platform currently has more than 20 people working in its support team, committed to making the best experience possible for users. Whether it’s through the chat available in the Console, the personal follow-up operated by the Customer Success Managers or the technical support provided by dedicated engineers, Didomi invests in support to guarantee a successful experience for all of its customers. 

Another item underlined in the reviews is the ease of use of the solution. The implementation of consent banners is fast and painless, thanks to a dedicated Customer Onboarding Specialist for each new client and several features. The overall intuitive UX of the platform also allows to make all the necessary modifications directly in the Console.


A solution at the cutting-edge of innovation


The Consent Management Platform and Preference Management Platform of Didomi are always evolving in order to stay at the forefront of the industry and answer users' needs. In a fast-paced data privacy environment, it’s necessary for software to adapt quickly to new market needs. 

At Didomi, the product team is composed of more than 7 people working hard on a daily basis to find, create and deploy new features for the platform to stay premium and competitive. From engineers to product designers and market researchers, the entire squad is committed to adapting Didomi’s solutions to the users expectations.


"The product team at Didomi is working on developing a vision and innovative features that fit the needs of the market and users. We have at heart to stay flexible and to listen to the customer feedback which is a gold mine to maintain a premium and competitive solution"

Julien Djelouah - Head of Product


"As a Product Marketing Manager, my role is to explore the data privacy landscape in different markets. From Europe, to North America and Asia, the needs in terms of privacy compliance, Consent Management Platforms, and customer expectations can be extremely different. At Didomi, we have an international focus and we aim at having a customer-centric product which is effective at a global level." 

Karthikeyan Jawahar - Product Marketing Manager


"It’s crucial for a software to offer a pleasant and intuitive experience to its users. My role as a Lead UI Designer is to ensure that Didomi has a design which is accessible and quickly understandable from its users."

Olivier Victorin - Lead UI Designer


We are proud of our entire Product team and would like to extend our gratitude to our customers for their G2 reviews, allowing us to reach the Leader category!