AB-testing and AI personalisation technologies such as Kameleoon help businesses to increase online conversions and maximize revenue. Customers want a personalised experience, but they don’t want brands to do this by compromising their data privacy. The Didomi x Kameleoon integration allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, without exploiting their privacy, or breaking data regulation. Carry on reading to find out how.  






Who is Kameleoon? 


Kameleoon is an AB-testing and AI-driven personalisation platform that helps brands to tailor their website and user experience to the needs of each and every one of their visitors. 


Through Kameleoon’s AB-testing tools, companies can base their UX decisions on reliable data. They are able to better understand their customers, and thus offer personalised digital experiences to maximise engagement and conversion, driving revenue growth. 


63% of consumers say they now consider personalisation the norm. We can see why. From a user perspective, personalisation means relevant offers, tailored content and a seamless online experience. Moreover, 84% of customers say that being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business, and an individualised experience does exactly that. 


From a brand perspective, personalisation can boost conversion, reduce churn, increase engagement and help retain customers. 


It’s a win-win situation. But one key element must be taken into consideration. Yes, customers want a personalised experience, but they don’t want brands to do this by compromising their data privacy. 


Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their personal data is being used, and these concerns are echoed in toughening global data privacy regulation, such as the GDPR, the CCPA and the CPRA, and data transparency brand initiatives, such as Google’s announcement that 3rd party cookies will be banned on Chrome by 2022. 


Features including A/B-testing, user segmentation, customer behaviour tracking and real-time data represent an incredible revenue opportunity for brands. But, they rely on personal data. And, in order to use this data, you must have user consent. 


This is where Didomi steps in. 


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The Didomi x Kameleoon integration 


In today’s privacy-conscious world, you will need your users’ consent to use their data for your analytics, AB-testing, retargeting or monetization strategies. Kameleoon knows that, of course, which is why we have been collaborating together to bring an integration to the market this year:



Didomi and Kameleoon have collaborated to ensure that brands are able to understand their customers and create truly individual digital experiences, but that they do so without undermining their users’ data rights, or breaking data regulation. 


This involves a seamless integration between Kameleoon and the Didomi Consent Management Platform, which allows brands to easily manage and optimize user consent collection on all channels. 


Consent is collected through the Didomi CMP, and Kameleoon will then read these consent policies within the Didomi platform, so AB-tests can run and personalisation can be applied accordingly. 


For all Didomi customers, you can now activate and run compliant test campaigns with Kameleoon like this :   

  • Create 2 custom purposes from Didomi Console

  • Create 2 custom vendors with specific custom SDK ID from Didomi Console

  • Configure the consent notice including the 2 vendors created from Didomi Console

  • Add the embed code in the website 

  • (Configure a test of banner format).


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Consent management is a major issue for the brands we support. The Kameleoon x Didomi integration thus offers our customers the opportunity to reliably collect user consent, while flexibly customising experiences based on the level of consent required.”

Frederic de Todaro, Chief Product Officer, Kameleoon


Benefits of the integration for brands and users  


So, why is this important?


What does this mean for users? 

Thanks to this integration, users are able to benefit from individualised and optimised online experience, safe in the knowledge that their personal data is not being used without their clear consent. 


What does this mean for brands? 

Brands don't have to worry - Didomi handles the compliance aspect thanks to a tailor-made consent solution. Didomi facilitates compliant consent collection while Kameleoon can be used to not only optimise the user experience as a whole but also optimise the consent rates by testing different consent notices. As such, Kameleoon's AB-testing and personalisation can be as effective as possible.


Yes, AB-testing will be possible only for consenting users, but these are the most valuable users, as they are those who trust your brand, making them more likely to interact with your offers and content. 


Indeed, 91% of customers are more likely to trust companies with their personal data if they are transparent about how the information is being used. 


Compliance will not hinder AB-testing and personalisation, it will boost it. Thanks to the Didomi x Kameleoon integration, understand your customers better and create truly individual digital experiences, without compromising on data rights.


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