We are excited to announce that Didomi and qiota have joined forces for a brand new partnership.


qiota is an advanced paywall management and content monetization SaaS platform. qiota allows you to create user segments based on variables, in order to deploy perfectly targeted paywalls. And that's where Didomi's consent comes in.





Integrating paywalls in your monetization strategy


By definition, a paywall is a digital layer inviting users to pay to access a specific piece of content.


Paywalls are widely used in the online media world to authorize or restrict access to content. However, they are now extending to other types of content, such as videos or academic publishing. Paywalls can take different forms: as a subscription or as partial access (half free/half paid) with a premium option, for example.


Paywalls are therefore an opportunity for additional revenue for publishers and editors, who can monetize some of their key online content easily. 


If you are a publisher, you can easily make some (or all) of your content paid, thanks to the deployment of paywalls on your web platform. And that's what qiota is all about.


qiota offers the possibility to create paywalls and other monetization solutions, based on a user journey. The journey is personalized according to the user's consent, which really helps to increase their engagement with the content.


How does the Didomi x qiota integration work?


Didomi offers a Consent Management Platform (CMP). 


With this CMP, you can collect, store, analyze, and exploit your users' privacy choices, across devices. The CMP can be deployed on your different domains, websites and applications, offering consent choices to the user, while remaining consistent with current privacy regulations. In addition, the CMP allows you to increase user engagement and to promote trust with your users. By doing so, you’re not only being compliant with regulations, but you’re also promoting trust with your users by communicating transparently about how their data is being collected and managed.


Combining the two solutions allows you to further increase your users’ engagement rates while personalizing paywalls, according to their choice. The integration between qiota and Didomi allows you to leverage consent data to create custom user journeys and better monetize your content.


To be more precise, Didomi will transfer to qiota consent data, collected through the Consent Management Platform. Thereafter, qiota will leverage the received consent to create new user journeys, based on the user's positive and negative consent. These user journeys will allow clients to display content 100% based on users' choices. 


Here, consent plays a central role in the content strategy. The user will have access (or not) to paywalls, subscriptions, or messages. 


How to integrate your CMP with qiota?


You need to be a Didomi and qiota customer to be able to integrate the two tools together. Do not hesitate to contact our CS team if you would like any further information.


integrating Didomi and qiota is pretty fast and easy to provide you with a seamless integration. Go to your Didomi interface:


  1. Create a new vendor.

  2. Select qiota in the vendors’ list. 

  3. Then, the consent must be synchronized with your qiota account.

  4. To integrate Didomi consent with qiota, you then need to retrieve your Didomi API Key from the Console.

  5.  Add it to your qiota interface in the field called “ADD/NEW PUBLISHER”. 


For more information about the integration process, please read our dedicated support page.