While third-party cookies will soon be just a memory, first-party data is more important than ever. How can a brand rely on this new type of data? Thanks to the Didomi solution, Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group is an example of an innovative company that optimises data based on consent to generate a relationship of trust with its customers. 







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Legal issue: Why did Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group choose Didomi?


Introduced on the 25th May 2018, the GDPR protects individuals by ensuring the respectful use of their personal data. 


PVCP Group understood that it needed an appropriate legal basis for a GDPR-compliant data collection, and carried out an audit of all the instances where the user's consent was required for the collection and use of personal data to be compliant. 


Prospecting, cookies, newsletter registration, conversation recording, HR documents, image rights, competitions... The results of the audit showed that the use cases were many.  And the message was clear: consent should be the number one legal basis. 


And, according to the GDPR, this consent must be free, specific, unambiguous and expressed by a clear positive act. 


PVCP Group realised that it needed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to understand the complexities of consent collection, and a transparent method which would allow them to manage consent and customer opt-in across multiple countries and brands.


"One activity that has been very important is the Privacy Impact Assessment, which enables a risk study to be carried out, not on the economic risks, or in terms of security for a company, but really in terms of the risk to individuals regarding their data. (...) This work was done with Didomi" - Alix Guigues (DPO, PVCP Group)


They realised that transparency in their data practices would build trust with their customers and enable them to make a significant contribution to their digital transformation. So they contacted Didomi.


Solution: Strengthen customer trust while addressing regulatory issues


How did we concretely help the company's teams? 


Consent Management Platform 

The first step was to ensure a centralised platform to manage all consents. PVCP Group integrated a Didomi Consent Management Platform (CMP) across all their sites. They carried out some A/B tests to ensure that the way they collected consent was as efficient as possible. 


Users want to understand why their data is being used, and by whom. PVCP Group has clarified and categorised the use of cookies and the partners to whom personal data is transferred to make the information easier to understand. 


This, in addition to the traceability of consent and the reliability of collection mechanisms, has ensured this crucial customer trust.

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"To address this regulatory issue but also to strengthen customer confidence, we choose to implement a Consent Management Platform" - Sylvain Armand, (Digital & Data IT Project Manager, PVCP Group)


Preference Center 

In addition, Group PVCP has gone further than a simple yes/no to the use of cookies. Thanks to Didomi's multi-brand, multi-lingual Preference Center, PVCP Group customers can also accept or refuse commercial communication. They can accept or refuse to be contacted on a specific channel, by a specific brand. 


This is a fundamental step in creating and maintaining a relationship of trust with customers, as it allows users to consult their preferences and modify them at any time. 


In fact, customers can choose:


  • On which channels they prefer to be contacted (phone, email, SMS);

  • How often they want to be contacted (weekly, monthly, etc.);

  • For which purposes they accept or would like to be contacted (sales, new products, etc.).


Users are able to change their preferences for all PVCP Group brands on one simple interface. This enables a cross-brand communication and an improved customer experience, which is another fundamental factor in generating customer trust.


"We have chosen a multi-brand approach, which means that the Preference Center is offered to all our customers on our different platforms for our different brands" - Sylvain Armand, (Digital & Data IT Project Manager, PVCP Group)


PVCP Group used the full spectrum of Didomi's consent collection solutions (webhooks, REST APIs, batch import...) to meet the different technical needs of its brands. PVCP Group also asked Didomi to set up a custom integration with Adobe Campaign.

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PVCP Group wanted the customer of one brand to be kept informed of the offers of the other brands, thus enabling a significant increase in revenue at minimal cost. They do this without infringing regulations or the logic of permission. To find out more, download our case study.

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Results: An innovative and efficient digital strategy


Thanks to a technically efficient and user-transparent consent and preference architecture, PVCP Group is able to transform its data strategy to achieve multiple benefits. 


Improved customer trust:

75% of consumers say they will not buy from a company they do not trust with the use of their data (Harris poll for IBM, 2018). 


The Didomi solution allows PVCP Group to be transparent in its data practices, and gives control to users. Transparency leads to trust, which impacts revenue.


A better Data Quality Management:

"What is a contactable person?"


At PVCP Group, thanks to the Didomi solution, users agree to be contacted on various channels and at a frequency that works for them. This allows for better data quality management and a better insight into the contactability of the database.


A "contactable" or "addressable" person is simply a person who has given explicit permission to be contacted by Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group.


"In terms of contactability, all data related to consent is a KPI which is part of defining what is a contactable person? " - Amine Bakkari (Data Engineering Manager, PVCP Group)


A better system for reporting and data analysis: 

"Is my contactability normal?"


The Didomi solution allows PVCP Group to monitor its opt-in and contactability levels. If something changes, PVCP Group is able to detect the anomaly and determine where the contactability problem comes from at a granular level. This detailed level in the data is incredibly valuable. 


GDPR obligations are legal in nature. However, this issue of data quality management and database contactability tracking proves that excellent consent management is not just a legal issue - it is also a marketing and business performance issue.


In the end, it highlights the link between consent and revenue. Improving the relevance and targeting of communications by meeting user expectations is a highly effective strategy for increasing revenue, while building trust. 


If you are inspired by this digital strategy from Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group and would like to adopt a similar strategy, please contact us.

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