Shine is a French neobank providing 100% online business banking accounts and a complete administrative management suite. The company simplifies the banking and administrative experience for entrepreneurs through a balance of online services and human support. 


We recently had the opportunity to organize a webinar with Bryan Blanchot, Global Marketing Manager at Shine and Didomi customer, to discuss consent management in the banking industry and the impact of consent rates on Shine's advertising campaigns and revenues. 


Read on to discover the compliance strategy adopted internally at Shine that led to successful results. 


Key figures : 


shine x didomi key numbers


Summary :




Challenge: Adapting to an ever-changing legal environment


Before collaborating with Didomi, Shine's technical teams had developed an in-house consent banner.

If this approach has its pros (custom design and texts for example), it also requires a technical team to be assigned to building and continuously monitoring legal changes. Indeed, companies are required to update their cookie banner according to the regulation changes issued by the French DPA (the CNIL) or the updates provided by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).


“Cookie and consent management are not at the core of our IT team's concerns. It was always complicated to implement updates on our banner.”
Bryan Blanchot, Global Marketing Manager at Shine


On top of these technical constraints, Shine's teams lacked external support and guidance in data privacy management. In order to overcome this situation, the Data Privacy Officer naturally decided to rely on an external Consent Management Platform and to set up a team of four people to optimize Shine's GDPR compliance.


Solution: Transitioning from an in-house banner to a custom CMP


The team dedicated to the project was composed of people from both legal and marketing departments, but also from product and design. Their first goal? To implement a consent banner that ensures website compliance while providing an optimized user experience aligned with the brand's identity.


shine x didomi


Among the various CMPs available on the market, Shine selected Didomi for several reasons. The advanced customer support, the fact that Didomi provides automatic updates based on new regulations, and the virtually unlimited customization options, were key factors for the team.


To implement their consent banner, Shine was supported by a dedicated Didomi Customer Onboarding Specialist, who assisted them until the deployment of the banner. 


The implementation involves an easy 3-step process: 


  • A compliance report on the website to detect areas for improvement; 

  • The creation, customization, and implementation of the banner; 

  • The suspension of partner tracking before collecting consent 


Bryan reports a real team effort with the product and design teams to make the banner as personalized as possible and fully integrate it into the user experience: 


“By investing in design work into the banner, we improve the user experience and maximize our chances to increase our consent rate. That's why we wanted to work on both text and design. For users, the banner is often the very first interaction with the brand.”
Bryan Blanchot, Global Marketing Manager chez Shine



Shine - Body format 1


An A/B test with different buttons was also conducted. The version that performed the best was the one with the "Continue without accepting" button, located on the top right of the banner.

For the text, the team relied on the IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) standards. They also added a link to Shine's privacy policy, which is deliberately very clear and without complicated legal terms.


“We also rely on the standard purposes suggested by the IAB so that the user is not lost and that the day we are audited, the results are clear and easy to present to the CNIL.”
Bryan Blanchot, Global Marketing Manager chez Shine


Finally, for preferences management, Bryan wished to proceed differently from many brands listing every single purpose available. He chose to only list purposes thag are actually used by Shine to provide true transparency to the user.


Shine - Body format 2


Results: A high consent rate and an enhanced advertising performance


Following the implementation of a personalized banner with Didomi, Shine is now 100% GDPR compliant and boasts a consent rate of 86%which remains very stable.

The deployment of the new banner helped understand the data better, and refine advertising audiences. Étienne Ginoux, Co-Head of Social Ads at Ad'sUp Consulting, Shine's Digital Marketing agency, noticed a positive impact on marketing performance. Looking at the user path from accepting cookies to opening a bank account, he noticed a 25% improvement in the conversion rate and a 1.5% decrease in the average CPA.

Bryan Blanchot, alongside the agency, has already adopted an advertising strategy that is 100% respectful of users' personal data and hopes to continue to evolve in this direction over time:


“We are working on paid acquisition with the respect of user data and consent in mind. The CNIL aims to tighten regulations rather than ease them, so we need to prepare for this from now on.” 

Bryan Blanchot, Global Marketing Manager chez Shine