We are proud to announce that the Didomi Preference Management Platform (PMP) can now be integrated with Sendinblue tools.


Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses, offering a range of cloud-based marketing solutions, ranging from email marketing to marketing automation, customer relationship management, landing pages, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, SMS marketing, and more


Didomi's Preference Management Platform (PMP) is a tool that allows for easy, scalable handling of customer preferences across channels, helping companies deliver personalized, revenue-generating experiences based on user preferences.


With this new integration, clients of Didomi and Sendinblue will be able to leverage preferences gathered from their audience using the PMP to create highly-targeted and relevant campaigns in Sendinblue. Keep on reading to learn more.






How to create targeted marketing campaigns with a limited amount of data?


In an ever-evolving digital environment, marketing teams are constantly challenged to adapt and adjust their strategies. 


Marketing automation platforms provide a wider range of tools for the modern marketer, but it has been increasingly difficult for marketing teams to target the right prospects and create compelling campaigns due to the limited amount of customer data available, and the privacy concerns they have to keep in mind when putting together their communication efforts.


But while the golden age of data-driven marketing can seem long gone as we brace for a cookieless future, we at Didomi believe it is a great opportunity to shift towards a privacy-first marketing approach. Enter Didomi’s Preference Management Platform (PMP).




Sendinblue meets the Preference Management Platform


The PMP allows companies to ask users directly for their preferences: favorite communication channels, preferred frequency, topics, and more. 


Why is this such a game-changer? Because the data, also called zero-party, is collected directly from the user and as a result can automatically be considered as compliant, future-proof, reliable and accurate. 


"The information that a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a company, is the most valuable data you can build on. Building a relevant and more targeted customer experience will ultimately bring you closer to your business goals." Romain Gauthier, CEO, Didomi 


For teams that are already using an advanced marketing suite like Sendinblue, leveraging these super targeted preference data can supercharge marketing efforts and open the door to a world of possibilities:


  • Reaching out to your users only on their favorite channels

  • Adjusting the messaging of your communication depending on their preferences

  • Changing the frequency to fit their schedule

  • Tailoring your offer to what they’re interested in


And so on. This is a goldmine for marketing teams, while answering the call for more compliant marketing practices. But what does the Sendinblue and Didomi integration look like in practice?


How does the Sendinblue x Didomi integration work?


The Didomi x Sendinblue connector works as a native integration, enabling users to transfer user preferences collected by the PMP, and to synchronize and store that data with their contacts in Sendinblue.


This allows you to:


  • Collect relevant information about your contacts

  • Better understand their profiles 

  • Build ultra-targeted marketing campaigns 

  • Target the right prospects

  • Get the best possible return on investment


But how does it work in practice? Let’s look at the integration itself and consider how to integrate Sendinblue with the Didomi PMP. If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do today to build a successful, future-proof zero-party data strategy, read our ebook on the topic:


Access the checklist


How to integrate Sendinblue with the Didomi PMP


Making the integration easy was a priority for us, and we’ve built a smooth workflow for you to connect Sendinblue and the Didomi PMP with as little effort as possible. Here are the key points you need to know about how the integration works:


  • Automated use: Preferences will be transferred and synchronized with your contacts in Sendinblue. This allows you to automate your tasks while remaining in compliance.

  • Creating contacts: If a contact doesn't exist in Sendinblue, the integration creates one in your Sendinblue contact base, directly.

To learn more, head to our help center article on how to integrate Sendinblue with Didomi's PMP. 


Please note that to integrate Sendinblue with your Didomi platform, you have to be a Sendinblue and Didomi customer. Contact our CS team and our support at support@didomi.io for more information.