We are proud to announce that it is now possible to connect the Didomi Preference Management Platform (PMP) with Actito!

The PMP is a tool that allows for easy, scalable handling of customer preferences across channels. It enables you to future-proof your data strategy and deliver personalized, revenue-generating experiences based on user preferences. Actito is a tool that allows you to create 100% targeted marketing campaigns according to user profiles. 


This partnership will revolutionize the way your company communicates with clients, allowing for unprecedented levels of targeting in your marketing campaigns. Carry on reading for more information on how. 


Summary : 




The Didomi Preference Management Platform (PMP): Knowing your users has never been easier!


The Didomi Preference Management Platform (PMP) revolutionizes the relationship between company and client, allowing brands to be connected to their users like never before. 


How does it do this? By basing the relationship between company and client on trust. The PMP allows consumers to be in the driving seat of the way a brand uses their data and communicates with them. 


Discover our Preference Management Platform


With the Didomi PMP, consumers can choose the content and campaigns they are interested in, and the amount of data they would like to share with a brand. Companies are able to then use this preference data to deliver 100% personalized, targeted digital experiences like never before. 


The PMP is a highly flexible product, adapting to the needs of both companies and consumers. Companies can create "preferences" using the Didomi Console, which are then submitted to users so they can communicate their content choices to the brand. Preferences are pieces of data collected about users' marketing choices or interests. They allow companies to learn more about their users, while giving them control over the communication they want to receive.


Getting accurate information about your users' choices is an important asset, particularly for your marketing strategies. Being transparent in your data collection builds trust, and around two-thirds of European consumers modify their purchasing decisions in line with supplier privacy commitments. 


Each individual customer expects tailored communications, tailored experiences based on their personal preferences that they have consented to providing. And, investing in personalization pays off for brands. 


Displaying personalized content at the right time to the right people will improve customer service, increase customer engagement, and boost propensity to purchase, or repeat purchase. 


If you would like more information about Didomi’s Preference Management Platform, do not hesitate to read our dedicated blog post.




When Actito meets the Preference Management Platform


Actito is a game changer when it comes to targeted marketing campaigns. Made for marketers, by marketers, it is an agile marketing automation software that allows you to target contacts with personalized emails or SMS.


Thanks to the Didomi X Actito integration, Didomi PMP clients are now able to use the preferences data they collect through Didomi for their Actito marketing campaigns. 


This data gives crucial insights into user likes, dislikes and communication preferences, allowing for unprecedented levels of personalization and targeting when seamlessly integrated with Actito.


It’s a simple three step process: 


  1. Create bespoke preferences modules thanks to the Didomi PMP; 

  2. Collect this crucial data on user likes, dislikes and communication preferences; 

  3. Use the data for your Actito marketing campaigns.


The best thing? This data transfer is automatic, not manual. This allows you to reduce the margin of error due to sharing and to save time. A smooth integration is always more optimal!


The preferences data you receive through the Didomi PMP will allow you to better target your marketing campaigns with Actito. The combination of PMP's preferences and Actito's marketing campaigns allows you to optimize the SMS and emails generated for your contacts. 


54% of customers say that marketing messages aren’t as relevant as they’d like (Salesforce). This integration allows for unprecedented levels of personalization and targeting. 




How to integrate Actito with the Didomi PMP 


Let’s illustrate the integration concretely. Put simply, Actito profiles are synchronized with the preferences modules of the Didomi PMP. When Didomi receives an event from an end-user, the Didomi Console transmits the information directly to Actito. The reverse is also possible: an event from Actito can also be transmitted to Didomi. 


If you are a Didomi Preference Management Platform client interested in integrating Actito, you need to:


  1. Go to the Didomi Marketplace. This is where you can find all our integrations directly from the Console.

  2. Find Actito in the list of all the integrations.

  3. Send your dedicated Didomi Customer Success Manager your API key related to your Actito account.

  4. Send us the information you want to synchronize between Actito and your Didomi PMP.


Integrating external solutions into the Didomi PMP has never been easier.


How do we do it? The integration of Actito with the PMP is done via API keys. Do not hesitate to consult our technical documentation for more information on Actito SMS and Actito email


Are you a Didomi client? Do not hesitate to contact our support at support@didomi.io to implement Actito with your Didomi Console or for any further information regarding our integrations!


Not yet a Didomi client? Reach out to us for more information into the Didomi Preference Management Platform, or how we integrate with Actito. 


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