Proudly introducing the Didomi X Vendre partnership! Companies using Vendre for building their e-commerce websites may find it challenging to integrate cookie consent notices. 


This new partnership is a game-changer for Swedish e-commerce companies looking to build trust with their users and boost privacy-conscious revenue growth. Carry on reading to find out how. 


Summary : 




Who is Vendre? 


Vendre is a unique Swedish e-commerce platform, with all the components necessary to boost B2B and B2C revenue metrics.

SEO, marketing assistance such as Google Shopping, CRM, ERP, product management, CMS, omnichannel in-store integration… the list goes on. Vendre really does have it all, which makes it a one-stop platform for building and optimizing an e-commerce business. 


So, Vendre had everything. Apart from one thing (up to now, at least). A consent management partner. Why was this so fundamental to their roadmap? 




Why do e-retailers need a Consent Management Platform? 


Gartner predicts that, before year-end 2023, more than 80% of companies worldwide will be facing at least one privacy-focused data protection regulation. 


The 2018 GDPR acted as a watershed moment for the digital ecosystem. This law spearheaded a movement, and data protection regulation is now making its way across the globe. In a regulated landscape, the data strategy inherent to successful e-commerce has to adapt. 


In the current digital ecosystem, there is little you can do without consented user data, especially in the retail and e-commerce industries. From getting insights through analytics, to reducing cart abandonment or customizing your website to individual users, your users’ consent rate should be a key KPI to follow. 


For more information on how to delight your customers and boost your sales by prioritizing trust-focused growth in e-commerce, check out our whitepaper on the subject. 


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But, for the purposes of this article, we’ll keep the explanation short and to the point. Essentially, the data privacy landscape is changing, not only in terms of regulation, but also in terms of consumer demand. 


75% of consumers say they won’t purchase from a company they don’t trust with their data (Harris poll for IBM, 2018). Comprehensive and transparent privacy interfaces are a way for e-commerce companies to build trust with their customers and stand apart from the competition.

And, this starts with the very first touchpoint when a user lands on a website, the chance for a brand to make a good first impression: It all starts with a cookie consent notice (Consent Management Platform). 


The Didomi X Vendre partnership: a one-stop platform to build trust and boost business metrics 


Many companies worry about the legal and technical complexities involved in implementing a Consent Management Platform. The legal and digital landscapes are in constant evolution, and it can be overwhelming to stay ahead of the current. 

The Didomi X Vendre partnership changes the game, providing a one-stop platform for compliant revenue growth based on trust. 


The benefits of a CMP are twofold. CMPs both ensure regulatory compliance and promote user trust by placing end users in the driving seat of their data. 


If users have a clear consent choice and pedagogic explanation as to what is done with their data and they choose to freely consent, this is a signal of trust. 


If users trust a brand, they are more likely to share their data, interact with ads, spend more time on the website or pay more attention to offers. Ultimately, this translates into direct business metrics. 


And, thanks to this partnership, Vendre promotes this trust-focused growth by including consent management in its offering. 


We’d like to thank Vendre for this partnership opportunity. It marks a big step forward for Swedish e-commerce, highlighting that revenue growth can be successful, whilst also promoting trust between brand and consumer. 


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