Our mission at Didomi is to help organizations implement great Privacy User Experiences that respect choices and give people control over their data.


To reach our goals, we work with some of the most talented professionals, including students who get the opportunity to join the team and get first-hand experience in the data privacy industry.


Since we started in 2017, over 20 interns and 10 apprentices joined us on our mission. Let's take a closer look at what their experience looks like.


Hybrid work at Didomi: As a remote-first company, we give the opportunity to students joining us to adopt a hybrid work structure, with some days in the office and others working from home. Learn more about remote work at Didomi in our article:


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The basics of internships and apprenticeships at Didomi


Internships at Didomi offer the opportunity to students (typically finishing their master’s degrees) to join the company for 4-6 months, enrolling one of our teams to conduct full-time work related to their field of studies. An apprenticeship offers the same benefits in a different format, as the student’s time is typically split between Didomi and their classes, and the programs typically last 1 to 2 years.


Some of the values we put forth for students joining us, irrespective of whether they take part in an internship or an apprenticeship, include:


  • Support: Students are provided with a solid support system throughout their entire experience at Didomi to ensure they have everything they need.
  • Ownership: Contrary to more “traditional” internships where students are given menial tasks, interns and apprentices at Didomi can take over real-life projects and be given room to grow.
  • Mentoring: Each student is assigned to a manager for their time at Didomi, with whom they’ll get to work, discuss, and progress. We prioritize individualized guidance through one-on-one sessions and constructive feedback, creating an environment where interns and apprentices collaborate directly with their managers.
  • Learning: Most importantly, students are given the opportunity to learn about their field of choice with first-hand experience that we guarantee will serve their professional goals.


A full-time internship is the most common choice for students joining Didomi. Let’s hear from some of them.


Testimonials from interns and apprentices at Didomi


Jivika Lillaney, a Master’s student who joined the content team as a content intern for 6 months, gives us her impressions of her time at Didomi, highlighting the principles of ownership and learning mentioned above:


“While interviewing with Didomi, I saw an opportunity to grow in a scale-up, in a dynamic environment where everyone’s opinion matters and all ideas are welcome. I knew it was a good choice to work hands-on and learn from experienced professionals while showcasing my passion for content strategy and social media development.

During the six months of my internship, I got to plan and execute multiple campaigns, including conducting interviews with seasoned professionals and creating weekly articles on the latest developments in the data privacy world.”


- Jivika Lillaney, content marketing intern 


If full-time internships remain the norm, an increasing number of students are going for apprenticeships, which allow for longer contracts and help them merge school and work, sometimes over the entire length of their degree. 


Hear from Antoine Vonderscher, a Global Bachelor of Business and Administration student who chose to go for a long-term apprenticeship with our finance team:


“In September, I began my 3rd year of apprenticeship and my 2nd year contract with Didomi. Being an apprentice enables you to put into practice, and in real conditions, the theory you learned in class. 


The trick to balance both is to stay focused on your activity during the dedicated week, not to mix school and work because it would not be effective. Even though an apprenticeship requires more work, it is the best way to progress fast and find your path by testing a job position.”


- Antoine Vonderscher, FP&A and Supplier apprentice


Whether they choose to pursue an internship or an apprenticeship, students at Didomi are guaranteed to learn a lot and benefit from the support and mentorship of our team along the way. And, in some cases, they can stick around a bit longer.


What happens after an internship or apprenticeship at Didomi?


While internships and apprenticeships are fixed-term contracts, some students have been offered the opportunity to stay for a full-time contract at Didomi.


Given the right circumstances, converting a student contract into a permanent position is a possibility. Vivek Yadav, our assistant social media manager, for example, initially joined us as an intern in the content team while pursuing his MSc in International Business:


“When looking for an internship as part of my Master’s degree, what inspired me the most was Didomi being a scale-up. There was always an opportunity to grow and learn with the company. Didomi believes in giving opportunities to the younger generation.


Today, I manage social media channels, and I create creative content for our audiences to keep them engaged with the latest data privacy updates that are happening around the world”


- Vivek Yadav, Social Media Manager


Similarly, Clara Verglas joined us as an apprentice in the marketing team and stayed with Didomi after graduating to become our full-time Junior Marketing Coordinator.  


“I completed a one-year apprenticeship at Didomi, as a Customer and Partner Marketing Officer. It was truly an enriching learning experience thanks to the support of my colleagues and their trust in my work. I then continued at Didomi as a Junior Marketing Coordinator full time.


I chose to stay at Didomi because of the possibilities to grow and learn, but also because of the flexibility that the company offers.”

- Clara Verglas, Junior Marketing Coordinator


While not a promise (an internship or an apprenticeship remains a fixed-term contract and should be treated as such), we pride ourselves in these stories, as much as the success of the other several interns and apprentices who went on to start successful careers with other companies.


Are you interested in learning more about our internship and apprenticeship opportunities and becoming the next Didomian? Check our our job openings online:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I apply?

You can find job openings directly on our job page.


What is the recruitment process like?

The interview process for an internship or apprenticeship takes typically 4 steps:


  • Have an initial interview with our Talent Acquisition Manager, which will determine cultural fit and enthusiasm for the position (15 minutes).
  • Complete a take-home test to assess your skills related to the position.
  • Have a second interview with your potential manager to discuss and understand your qualifications and determine your suitability for the position (30 minutes).

Once the recruitment phase is completed and the offer is accepted, new interns and apprentices go through an onboarding period to learn more about the company, teams, the role, and the data privacy industry.


Can international students apply?



Do I need to attend a specific school to join?