Since the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, data privacy laws have spread like wildfire globally. As more regulations get introduced seemingly every month, staying on top of compliance has become imperative for organizations dealing with consumer data. 


Didomi and mParticle are joining forces to help you maximize your data collection efforts and create truly unique user experiences, in a fully-compliant way.






The mParticle Customer Data Platform (CDP)


mParticle offers a powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP), which helps companies combine real-time data quality and governance protections with AI-powered insights and predictions. 


The benefits for companies are threefold: 


  • For product managers, the platform provides high-quality data for better decision-making

  • For developers, the CDP provides a wealth of data, leverageable across the entire tech stack 

  • For marketers, mParticle helps drive growth and create unique user experiences thanks to key data insights


Going forward, thanks to the integration between mParticle and Didomi, users will have access to compliant data in order to create privacy-first experiences built on user choices. 


Create personalized user experiences built on consent data


Didomi offers a complete set of data privacy solutions, helping companies worldwide comply with data privacy regulations like Europe’s GDPR, California’s CPRA, Québec’s Law 25, and more.


With this integration, customers are able to sync consent collected using our Consent Management Platform (CMP) with mParticle Data Privacy Controls. Data collected through mParticle and other tools can also be triggered based on that consent, without any coding required.


Some of the benefits include:


  • Creating tailored, privacy-first experiences

  • Gathering consent data for compliance and peace of mind

  • Learning more from your customers 


Getting started only takes a few minutes.


Get started with mParticle and Didomi today


MarketPlace - DIDOMI - mparticle


Didomi and mParticle customers can install the integration today.


To install it from the Didomi side, head to your Didomi Console, visit the Marketplace, select mParticle, and follow the steps. For more information on how to install the integration from the mParticle side, head to their article on the topic.


Schedule a demo with our team to learn about Didomi and our integration with mParticle today:


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