Starting January 2024, Didomi now allows customers to refer our Global Privacy UX Solutions to others formally. Successful referrals unlock rewards for the individual referrer, their organization, and the referred organizations.


In this article, learn more about the Didomi referral program, its benefits and rewards, and how to enroll.






What is the Didomi referral program, and what’s in it for you?


Historically, referrals have always been a major growth driver for Didomi as a business. Since our inception, first in Europe and then in North America, the quality of our products and services has driven satisfied customers to spread the word about our solutions, making word-of-mouth one of our main sources of new business.


“I firmly believe in the prime importance of relationships in business. From our early days in France all the way to our global presence today, Didomi has always received exceptional assistance from customers in spreading the word about our solutions and recommending Didomi to other organizations.


Our new referral program is a logical continuation for us, ensuring we nurture these relationships and reward our customers for the trust they place in us by recommending Didomi to their network.”

- Raphael Boukris, Chief Revenue Officer at Didomi


The Didomi referral program is an opportunity for Didomi to give back and ensure that satisfied Didomi customers are rewarded for recommending our solutions. 


Current Didomi customers can refer other organizations using a unique referral link. If the referred company becomes a Didomi customer, rewards will be earned by all participating parties:


  • The individual referrer receives a 200€ Tremendous gift card to use among 1000+ options or to donate to charity

  • The referring organization is rewarded with a free month of their annual Didomi subscription (determined by the monthly amount of the new subscription)

  • The referred organization receives a 1-month discount on their annual Didomi subscription.


The best part? The process is as easy as possible and only takes a few minutes to start.


How do you get started with the Didomi referral program?


Didomi - how does the referal program work


For our referral program to be successful, we decided to make it as easy as possible to get on board. It all boils down to 4 steps:


  1. Head to our referral program registration page

  2. Fill out the form and receive your individual referral link

  3. Reach out to relevant organizations in your network

  4. Receive your rewards once one of your referrals becomes a Didomi customer


That’s pretty much it! To learn more about our referral program and get started with the process, head to our dedicated page:


  Join the program


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who can take part in the Didomi referral program?

The program is open to current Didomi customers.


What if my company has a no-gift policy? 

We offer a Tremendous 200€ gift card that can be spent in one of the participating stores or donated to a charity. 


How and when will I receive my gift card? 

We will email the gift card through Tremendous once the referral is complete.


Are there any limitations in terms of the number of referrals per customer? 

No, there are no limitations. Didomi customers can participate as many times as they want.