Last year, Google introduced its new Consent Management Platform (CMP) requirements for publishers and developers partners running advertising campaigns in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United Kingdom (UK).


From January 16th, 2024, a Google-certified CMP will be required for publishers with traffic from the EEA and the UK using Google Adtech products (source: Google).

We are happy to share that our Consent Management Platform (CMP) is among the first to be certified by Google. Keep reading to learn more about these new requirements, the relationship between Google and Didomi, and what this means for you and your organization.


Watch the recording of our webinar with Google to get a comprehensive understanding of the IAB TCF v2.2 and the new Google CMP certification and to learn how to leverage advertising in the privacy-first era: 


The Didomi and Google logos accompany the words "Webinar", let title "Mastering Privacy-first advertising: the Google CMP Certification and IAB TCF v2.2". On the right, two photos of the speakers: Romain Gauthier, CEO of Didomi, and Samuel S. Morse, Global Strategy Lead Regulation & Privacy at Google.







Google’s new CMP requirements 


Google ad systems have been integrated with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) since 2020. As IAB Europe launches its TCF V2.2, Google will require partners using its publisher products (Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob) to use a Google-certified CMP when serving ads to users in the European Economic Area or the UK.


This stems as a continuation of the commitment the company has shown to support efforts from the data privacy industry:


“Google has always been an advocate of industry standards as they support consistent experiences. By supporting the TCF, we aim to promote a unified and reliable approach for users and publishers across the broader ecosystem.”


- Peentoo Patel, Director, Product Management, Google Ad Manager (Source: Google blog)


At Didomi, this is in line with our continuous efforts to prioritize exemplary Privacy UX and to give control back to internet users:


"We are strong advocates of privacy-first experiences that promote user choice and transparency. The new CMP requirements give more control to the end user, which is what Didomi’s mission is all about.

Didomi has been actively involved in developing the TCF 2.2, specifically working on the updated policies. We are working with Google to ensure seamless integration of the framework"


- Romain Gauthier, co-founder and CEO at Didomi


The new requirements won’t be limited to the TCF. In its announcement, Google also mentions additional consent specifications that ad tech providers not registered with the TCF could fulfill to be part of the Google-certified CMP list.


Google stated that a list would be communicated in the coming weeks, but our team is already happy to report that our Consent Management Platform (CMP) is now Google-certified.


Note: Need a refresher on what a Consent Management Platform (CMP) is? Check out our guide on the topic:


Didomi - what is a CMP




The Didomi Consent Management Platform (CMP) is Google-certified


The integration between Didomi and Consent Mode was launched in 2021, and allowed users to dig deeper into their conversion data for advertising and analytics purposes, while respecting user choice when using Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight, or Conversion Linker. 


Fast forward to September 2022, and Didomi became part of Google’s CMP Partner Program, using native integrations with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager to ensure seamless implementation with Google products and helping companies address technical privacy challenges as easily as possible.


Today, the team at Didomi is proud to share that our CMP is Google-certified, and we look forward to our continued partnership with the team at Google. 


What does it mean for you?


If you’re already a Didomi customer, no action is needed.


On the other hand, if you’re a publisher and have either not yet implemented a Consent Management Platform (CMP), or are working with a CMP provider that is not planning to become certified, this new set of requirements is an opportunity for your business to take full advantage of the benefits of a CMP like Didomi.


Starting with Didomi CMP is simple, whether it’s a first CMP implementation or you decide to migrate from a different solution. If you decide to do so, you will benefit from:


  • Our full compliance with Google Consent Mode as part of the Google CMP partner program

  • Multi Regulations coverage (GDPR, CPRA, Law 25, and more)

  • Complete support and onboarding from our customer-facing teams

  • An optimized user experience, including tailored consent banner personalization


We are excited to share that our CMP is Google-certified and to continue strengthening our collaboration with both Google and publishers. If you have any questions and/or concerns, book a quick call with one of our experts: 


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