Société Générale is one of the oldest banks in France: it was created more than 150 years ago and ranks 3rd among the largest French banks and 6th in Europe today. The group serves nearly 30 million customers across 60 countries and has hundreds of websites. When the CNIL issued new recommendations in 2021, the bank faced a major challenge: to bring all its websites into compliance and protect its users' personal data in just a few weeks. 


Let's take a look at the tailor-made collaboration between Didomi and Société Générale with David Temim, Head of Group Data Privacy Project Management at Société Générale and Jeanne Bernard-Loridon, Customer Success Manager at Didomi. 






Challenge: Bringing hundreds of websites and millions of user data into compliance within a strict deadline


In October 2020, the French Data Protection Authority (the CNIL) announced its new measures with a compliance deadline of the end of March 2021. 


For Société Générale, a group committed to protecting its customers' personal data and maintaining a strong trust with its millions of users across hundreds of websites, this was a major challenge. 


Société Générale's Data Privacy team therefore decided to work with a Consent Management Platform to ensure full compliance before the deadline set by the CNIL. The selected platform obviously had to offer a fast track to compliance, but Société Générale also required an advanced support team and the ability to process and store a very large volume of data.


"The challenge for Société Générale was to entrust Didomi with the implementation of the CMP on hundreds of websites from dozens of major entities of the Société Générale group. This represents a very large amount of customer data." David Temim, Head of Group Data Privacy Project Management


Solution: Implementing a tailor-made solution with Didomi


After evaluating different options, the Société Générale group decided to pick Didomi because of different criteria that made a difference in the selection process: 


  • Dedicated support

  • Amount of features available in the Console

  • Intuitive user experience 

  • Advanced customization capabilities


"The fact that Didomi is a major French player and expert on CMP, the features, the user experience as well as the capacity for advanced customization on the tool.” David Temim, Head of Group Data Privacy Project Management


Didomi then set up a task force 100% dedicated to Société Générale. Together, both teams worked every week to ensure the group’s compliance within the assigned deadline.


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"We are really there to support them from A to Z on the implementation, the technical and compliance part but also afterwards, with the optimization of the solution." Jeanne Bernard-Loridon, Customer Success Manager at Didomi


Result: High consent rates and increased trust


Thanks to an efficient collaboration, Société Générale and Didomi succeeded in bringing all of the group's websites into compliance before the deadline set by the CNIL. Consent rates remain at a very good level and all personal data of Société Générale users are stored and processed in full compliance with the GDPR. 


"The strategy implemented with Didomi has allowed us to maintain a very good consent rate on our websites. This is a major achievement for us and a great source of pride." David Temim, Head of Group Data Privacy Project Management


Thanks to Didomi, the Société Générale Group is proud to show customers and partners the emphasis put on the processing and protection of personal data. The bank wants to continue to develop its relationship with Didomi and is already looking forward to future achievements. 


If you want to know more about Didomi's solutions, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be happy to help you and give you premium support!


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