Webinars are among the most popular professional learning channels for a reason: They are one the best ways to gain first-hand knowledge and information from experts you might have never interacted with otherwise. 


At Didomi, we run dozens of webinars every year, which you can access for free on our dedicated webinar page if you didn’t get the chance to catch them live. But where to start?


In this article, we compiled a list of 10 of the best data privacy webinars 2023 for you to start the new year with.






Must-watch data privacy webinars for 2024


Didomi - must watch data privacy webinars


A great way to start the list is by highlighting our most acclaimed webinars of 2023. Three of them stand out for the quality of their guests, the level of conversation, and the size of the attendance watching live when first aired.


The state of data privacy around the world in 2023

This general conversation between our CEO Romain Gauthier, Luiza Jarovsky, CEO at Implement Privacy & Creator of the Privacy Whisperer, and Stéphane Hamel, Data Privacy & Ethics Consultant, is a great place to start to get a good understanding of some of the biggest topics of our industry, including:


  • Privacy & UX: What is the future of the user journey?

  • Europe as a baseline for global privacy

  • How to combine tracking, analytics and privacy?


Watch the full webinar here.


Privacy and UX: Building trust in a data-driven world

Another collaboration between our CEO and Luiza Jarovsky, this time accompanied by Estelle Hary, Co-Founder at Design Friction & Designer at the CNIL, this webinar is key to understanding the ins and outs of Privacy UX.


In an engaged conversation between the three speakers, we learned how to optimize UX experiences that prioritize privacy, what the dos and don'ts of Privacy UX are, the importance of transparency in data collection and usage, and the impact of privacy policies and how they can be made more user-friendly.


To watch the full discussion, head to the recording.


Unlocking data privacy: A conversation with Max Schrems 

Last but certainly not least, our conversation with renowned Austrian privacy lawyer, activist, and chairperson of NOYB, Max Schrems, was among our most-viewed online webinars of 2023, with over 500 in attendance.


During the webinar, Max Schrems discussed a wide array of topics with our CEO Romain Gauthier and Marie Fenner, Global SVP, Analytics at Piano, ranging from the state of privacy to the impact of privacy laws on marketing and analytics, and, of course, the future of EU-US data transfers.


To read about our conversation with Max Schrems in more detail, head to our dedicated article, where we break down the webinar and the best quotes from it:


Discover our conversation with Max Schrems


Learn about data privacy in the United States


Didomi - usa data privacy webinars


The U.S. is still, in a lot of ways, an untamed territory when it comes to data privacy. The current patchwork of privacy laws makes discerning how to comply difficult, and organizations will surely appreciate the much-needed guidance these webinars provide.


Demystifying GPP: What you need to know about Global Privacy Platforms 

To address the current challenges with unifying data privacy compliance in the U.S., the IAB Tech Lab has developed the Global Privacy Platform (GPP). This new framework helps the industry comply with different privacy regulations worldwide.


In this webinar, Didomi hosted a conversation to break down the framework with 4 experts:


  • Rowena Lam, Senior Director of Product, Privacy and Data at IAB Tech Lab

  • Michael Hahn, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at IAB and IAB Tech Lab

  • Tony Ficarrotta, IAB’s Assistant General Counsel

  • Jeff Wheeler, Vice President of Product at Didomi.


During the webinar, these panelists discussed GPP, its impact on organizations, and how they can get ready. You can find the entire recording here.


Reducing Data Privacy Risks under CCPA and GPC

Following the first CCPA enforcement action and ahead of the CPRA enforcement, our Chief Privacy Officer Thomas Adhumeau joined forces with Jeewon K. Serrato, Partner and Co-Chair at Baker & Hostetler LLP, and Todd Ruback, Managing Director at FTI Consulting.


In their conversation, they covered their learnings from the enforcement, took a closer look at the CPRA and its purpose and limitations, and what businesses can do to ensure compliance with the CCPA as amended by the CPRA.


Check out the recording here.


The keys to a successful transition from CCPA to CPRA

Following up on the previous webinar, this entry into the list is dedicated to the transition from the CCPA to the CPRA, a strategic topic for California and businesses in the U.S. in general.


Our VP of Product and U.S. privacy expert, Jeff Wheeler, sat down with Julia Shullman, Co-Founder at Coir, and Sebastian Zimmeck, Wesleyan University Professor and Global Privacy Control Representative to tackle a number of topics:


  • What is CPRA and how does it differ from CCPA?

  • What do businesses need to change to remain compliant with the CPRA?

  • What is GPC, and what are its benefits for U.S. users?

  • What will be the consequences for businesses?


Watch the full recording here and, to learn more about data privacy laws in the U.S. and access our map and checklist, head to our blog post:


Learn more about Data Privacy in the U.S.


Navigate the main data privacy industry news


Didomi - industry news privacy webinars


Understanding the latest data privacy news and their implications can turn into a headache. Throughout the years, we’ve made it our mission to help decrypt data privacy news for our audience, and webinars are a great way to do that while interacting with people directly. Last year was no exception, covering hot topics in the world of privacy. 


Mastering privacy-first advertising: The Google CMP certification and IAB TCF v2.2

In May 2023, Google made a significant announcement, requiring publishers and developers using Google products to implement a Google-certified CMP when serving ads to EEA and UK users. This came as IAB Europe announced its Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.2


At a time of confusion for many of our clients, partners, and audiences, our CEO, Romain Gauthier, sat down with Google’s Global Strategy Lead, Regulation, and Privacy, Samuel S. Morse, to clarify things.


Together, they discussed the reasons behind the TCF v2.2 & Google CMP Certification, the impact of the new decisions on mobile and gaming industries using AdMob, what is required from organizations, and more.


Watch the full webinar here, and learn more about our CMP becoming Google-certified here.


Stay compliant with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and grow your business!

A major event of 2023 was the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), replacing Universal Analytics (UA) for good. The migration raised a lot of questions, which we were able to address:


  • What are the key steps to begin using GA4?

  • What is changing in terms of privacy?

  • What is Consent Mode for GA4?

  • What are the major tracking advantages with GA4 and how to benefit from them?


Our CEO, Romain Gauthier, sat down with our friends at Jellyfish Gabriel Luxembourger, Data & Analytics Director, and Adrien Hug-Korda, DPO, to take a deep dive into what became one of our must-watch webinars of the year for everyone migrating to GA4.


Watch the recording here and continue to learn about GA4 migration in our full article on the topic:


How to migrate to GA4


The impact of privacy on analytics and artificial intelligence 


Didomi - analytics AI webinars


Last but not least, data privacy has made its way into the news more than ever in 2023, and our webinars have reflected that phenomenon by addressing the challenges associated with balancing privacy and other disciplines.


Navigating the Intersection of Analytics and Privacy UX

As data privacy and user experience become more important, their impact on analytics is often overlooked. 


In a conversation between our VP of Product Jeff Wheeler and  Dana DiTomaso, Founder & Lead Instructor at Kick Point Playbook, we learned about the need for privacy-first experiences, the Digital Market Act (DMA), Global Privacy UX Solutions at Didomi, and the future of analytics: the cookieless era, TCF v2.2, Google's CMP Certification and the Privacy Sandbox.


You can find the recording here and dive deeper into our complete breakdown of data privacy and analytics:


Learn more about analytics and data privacy


AI and Data Privacy: Balancing Innovation and Privacy 

Finally, it wouldn’t be a 2023 list without talking about artificial intelligence. 


Later in the year, and as Generative AI continued to make waves with ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other technologies continuously coming out with new features and products, we invited  Volha Litvinets, Risk Consulting at Ernst & Young, and Doctor in AI Ethics & Responsible Tech to talk with our CPO Thomas Adhumeau and our VP of Product, Jeff Wheeler.


The three of them discussed the AI landscape, current regulations efforts, the impact of AI on data privacy, and how to use of AI for your business responsibly. To watch the full recording and learn more about data privacy and artificial intelligence, head to our full article on the topic:

Learn more about AI and data privacy


Explore more webinars in 2024


This concludes our list of the top 10 data privacy webinars you should watch to kick off 2024, but this is only the beginning: This year, we plan on offering you more content, more value, and more collaborations with data privacy figures than ever before.


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