URSA Marketing is a family-run and Quebec-based company specializing in digital marketing, marketing campaign distribution and measurement, and training.

The company has a hundred or so active customers, mainly in Quebec, from a wide range of fields (B2B, B2C, e-commerce, advertising, etc.), whom URSA Marketing supports with a team of twenty specialized consultants, capable of developing and implementing strategies, and measuring and understanding results.

Benoit Domingue, President of URSA Marketing, talks about his relationship with Didomi and how the two teams joined forces to meet the challenges of Law 25 in Canada.






Compliance with Law 25: A challenge for URSA Marketing


Law 25 (The Privacy Legislation Modernization Act) was unanimously adopted by the Quebec National Assembly on September 21, 2021, and came into force on September 22, 2023.

As soon as it came into force in 2023, URSA Marketing's management noticed that many customers and market players were unaware of the specifics and actions required by this regulation.


If everything we had been doing was no longer the best practice or no longer compliant in the eyes of the law, then we had to tell our customers about it and provide a solution.


 - Benoit Domingue, President of URSA Marketing


To meet the challenges of this law, the company trained its team to meet customers' needs. This included the ability to integrate a Consent Management Platform (CMP), such as Didomi's, into their customers' digital environments and an understanding of how to manage a Tag Management System (TMS).

URSA Marketing's teams faced a period of intense activity in the run-up to the legislation's entry into force, but nonetheless managed to ensure compliance on time for many of their customers.

The strategic partnership with Didomi


In order to tackle the challenges of Law 25, URSA Marketing was looking for a technology partner with in-depth experience of this type of regulation, and reliable, easy-to-implement tools.

Didomi's solutions stood out thanks to their presence on the sites of several major Quebec organizations, such as the National Bank of Canada and Simons, and to the company's consistent international expertise.

What's more, Didomi being European and already having experience with European law such as the GDPR, is a guarantee of trust for the Quebec-based company. Indeed, Law 25 is very similar to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, a regulation for which Didomi has been assisting thousands of companies since 2018.

Visual of URSA Marketing's website with their consent notice


When asked about this, Benoît Domingue looks back on the early days of the partnership with Didomi, in particular with Jean-Baptiste Garcin, Canada & Quebec Manager at Didomi, where he found the communication clear and transparent, and the access to the platform as well as the performance of technical tests quick and intuitive :


“Jean-Baptiste was there to reassure us, and we were given access to the platform beforehand so that we could carry out our tests. There's nothing hidden, everything is transparent, and we were able to familiarize ourselves with the platform very quickly.”


 - Benoit Domingue, President of URSA Marketing


One of the pillars of this partnership for URSA Marketing is Didomi's Consent Management Platform (CMP) and its integration with Google Tag Manager. In fact, the partner is responsible for implementing a large number of tags on several customers' domains.

This integration is very important for Benoît's teams, given the omnipresence of Google Tag Manager on the tag management market. Didomi's solutions, coupled with URSA Marketing's technical experience, perfectly met the company's needs in the run-up to the new law.


Partnership results and impact


Thanks to the partnership between Didomi and URSA marketing, the Quebec-based company can support its customers with a tag-compliant solution. They benefit from support in both French and English, as well as comprehensive technical documentation from Didomi.


“When we have questions about how to do something, we get answers within a reasonable time, which is highly appreciated.”

- Benoit Domingue, President of URSA Marketing


URSA Marketing's teams take care of all the technical aspects, including platform configuration, banner design, styling, personalization, and integration.


“Customers are offered a complete package to make their website compliant.”


- Benoit Domingue, President of URSA Marketing


In the future, the evolution of Law 25 in Canada will mean the introduction of new regulatory requirements and the updating of compliance practices. Didomi is committed to staying on top of these changes, ensuring that URSA Marketing is not only compliant with current standards but also prepared to respond effectively to future regulatory changes.

This proactive approach, coupled with a relationship of trust and the implementation of robust solutions, will ensure continuity in the protection of consumer data.

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