It’s safe to say that 2021 has been an unforgettable year for Didomi. Growing teams, opening new offices around the world, developing new projects, organizing global privacy events… the list goes on. 


We’d like to extend a massive thank you to all our fantastic employees, clients, investors and supporters - without you, none of this would have been possible! So, here are some of the 2021 milestones we are most proud of. Let’s dive in together!




  1. Didomi travels faster than the speed of light!

  2. Creating value with trust, with premium privacy solutions 

  3. Inspiring companies on how privacy drives business



Didomi travels faster than the speed of light!


Where were we this time last year? And, more importantly, where are we now? 

Didomi has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year. Once upon a time back in January, we were just 50 employees. Now, we are 118 and still counting.



So, where exactly have we seen this growth? Let us show you some numbers:






19 employees

35 employees


14 employees

25 employees


4 employees

20 employees


5 employees

15 employees


2 employees

6 employees

Customer Success

6 employees

10 employees

Professional Services

3 employees

7 employees


Notably, Didomi hired Jérome Cohen  as VP Sales EMEA and Thomas Adhumeau as Chief Privacy Officer. These positions contribute to the structuring of the company's senior management team, to meet Didomi's high demand and growth expectations both in Europe and the United States.



We currently have a total of 25 nationalities, with 53.39% of employees working fully remotely, although Didomi hosts its HQ in Paris. 


Series B fundraising of USD 40M

We’d be lying if we said this wasn’t one of our proudest moments yet. We’d like to give another massive thanks to our clients, investors, partners and supporters. Without you, this would have never been possible! 


It’s worth remembering that this fundraising marks more than just the next phase in Didomi’s evolution. It’s a commitment to the entire privacy tech industry. It’s a call to every company to place customer consent at the core of their strategy.


We moved… down the road 

Following this fundraising event, Didomi opened new Paris headquarters! We didn’t move very far. In fact, our new office is on the exact same road as our old one. As the saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. However, we now have much larger spaces in order to welcome more fantastic Didomi team members. Huge thanks to our HR team for organising this move. 



Did you remember to bring your passport with you?

Similarly, to fulfill our expansion promise, Didomi has expanded to new territories such as the UK and Italy, and opened new offices in Madrid and Berlin. The journey is not over yet... Fasten your seat belts because the US is our next destination!




Supporting women in tech roles


At Didomi we believe that building a diverse team is a prerequisite for being ambitious and a leader in our industry. This means not only hiring women in tech positions, but also giving them as much room to grow and contribute as needed within our organization.” - Romain Gauthier, CEO @Didomi


118 people (and counting) have shaped what Didomi is today. 118 people, 33.90% of whom are female. In 2021, Didomi partnered with 50inTech, as a commitment to gender equality in the tech sector. 



Diversity has been fundamental to our hiring strategy from the beginning. This is why we have set solid aspirations, alongside 50inTech, to grow the number of women in our tech team by 25% and to continue championing diversity in our hiring strategy. 


We keep to our word. In 2020, 20% of the people we hired were female. In 2021, this number increased to 43%. 

Are you the next talent to join our team? Check out all our current job openings here.


Diversity is key for Didomi: backgrounds, nationalities, ages, gender… This has been fundamental to our hiring since the beginning” - Sandra Demol, Global HR Manager @Didomi


What better way to meet the whole team than this?

We certainly didn't miss the opportunity to celebrate these achievements! After a long lockdown that kept us apart, Didomi enjoyed a fantastic 3-day off-site in the Basque Country. From the Didomi Olympics to mountain biking to fancy dress soirées, this trip was undoubtedly a 2021 highlight!



Creating value with trust, with premium privacy solutions 


In a changing privacy landscape, your customers want more control over how their data is used. At Didomi, our mission statement is to create value with trust. Yes, we ensure data compliance, but we also redefine the relationship between brand and user. 


We lay the groundwork for trust-based, privacy-conscious revenue growth. 


First of all, let us introduce (or re-introduce) our two fundamental products: our Consent Management Platform (CMP), which allows you to collect consent across multiple channels and our Preference Management Platform (PMP), a scalable, easy-to-configure backbone to make preference management easy for companies and users alike. 


Our product roadmap is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the game, in terms of performance and compliance. Here are some 2021 launches we are particularly proud of: 


    • CTV: This year, Didomi became the first European company to offer a TCF-compliant consent management solution for connected TV

    • Cross-device: this feature allows user consent choices to be shared across multiple devices, limiting consent fatigue and boosting company consent rates.

    • Batch Export: Before, publishers had no access to consented users’ data in bulk, only one by one. With the Batch Export feature, they are able to export batches of user consent data collected by Didomi.

  • Google Consent Mode: this tool allows you to achieve greater insights into your conversion data while respecting user choice when using Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight or Conversion Linker.

  • Google Tag Manager: this tool allows you to control all third-party tags on your website based on the consent status of your end-users. 


With 50% of our employees engaged in research and experimentation, Didomi invests heavily in innovation. We act as a pioneer in today's digital ecosystem.  


To continue in this direction, Didomi is dropping a massive product release in January! Stay tuned…(But don’t tell anyone we told you, it remains top secret for now).


In 2021, we have continued improving the experience we offer to all developers that use our solutions, APIs, and SDKs. We support more and more platforms (React Native, Flutter, CTVs, etc.), data flows (batch export, 3rd-party connectors) and provide easy to follow documentation and guides.” - Jawad Stouli - CTO @Didomi 


In addition, our Customer Success team works around the clock to deliver exceptional customer service. Their response rate is unparalleled: between 5 and 10 minutes. They make sure that customers are kept up to date with the latest data privacy regulations, making any changes as seamless as possible. 

Hard work pays off! Our customers notice the premium service Didomi provides. Thanks to their reviews, Didomi has entered the G2 Grid® as a top CMP on the market.



Inspiring companies on how privacy drives business  


Has innocent until proven guilty has become guilty until proven innocent when it comes to Big Tech? At Didomi, we believe that, in the internet age, trust is the single most important driver of success in business.

We had a blast as the founding sponsor of the Yes We Trust Summit, the most ambitious privacy event of 2021. With prestigious speakers like Brittany Kaiser & Seth Godin, and the support of great partners like Securys Limited, Zeotap and Excelsior, we helped over 1000 attendees learn how to thrive in a privacy-conscious world.



Looking back, it is fantastic what we have done and the goals we have reached. We’re getting a bit emotional! 


What does 2022 have in store? We're excited to find out... Keep following us on our journey. If you've just discovered us, welcome aboard and don’t hesitate to reach out.


Jawad Stouli, Romain Gauthier, Raphaël Boukris - the 3 co-founders at Didomi


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