Paris, April 9, 2024. Didomi introduces the Didomi Academy, its new educational platform for clients and partners to elevate their data privacy knowledge, from foundational videos to step-by-step courses for implementing our Consent Management Platform (CMP). 


Since 2017, the Didomi team has talked with over 2,000+ customers, partners, and collaborators. They have repeatedly been requested to assist with the company Global Privacy UX Solutions and share their expertise.


The level of support provided by Didomi has historically been one of the main highlights of clients’ feedback. Today, we’re opening our knowledge to the community with the Didomi Academy, an educational platform where clients and partners can level up their data privacy knowledge, from basic data protection principles to advanced, practical best practices.


"Didomi Academy is more than just a learning platform. We are delighted to share our expertise with our customers and partners and help them elevate their data privacy knowledge with Didomi."

- Raphaël Boukris, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder at Didomi


The curriculum is structured in two main modules tailored to address core aspects of data privacy and consent management: Data Privacy 101, a foundational course to build a solid understanding of data privacy principles, and Multi-Regulation Consent Management Platform, a practical, applicable module focused on hands-on aspects of our solutions, from tag management to analytics insights.


Our customers and partners have long expressed the need for a similar platform and are excited to increase their internal data privacy know-how, gain practical skills, and showcase their learnings with shareable badges and certifications.


"Ever since I started managing Customer Success at Didomi, our team's data privacy expertise has emerged as one of the most appreciated aspects of our relationship with our clients. We work in an industry that can be overwhelming initially, and I am particularly excited to be part of this launch.


The Didomi Academy addresses a clear need for our customers and will be a great asset for their own operations going forward."


- Charlotte Perrin, Director of Customer Success at Didomi


To learn more and join the program, visit the Didomi Academy at