When we started Didomi in 2017, the goal was to help organizations navigate the challenges associated with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by creating compliant user experiences that respect people’s choices. 


6 years later, our vision has remained unchanged but has taken a much broader scope.


Didomi has grown tremendously, right along with the data privacy landscape. And we’re seeing that what was once an afterthought for most organizations is now a must-have, both from a regulatory standpoint and based on expectations from internet users around the world.


To ensure that companies can proactively respond to this evolution, and even make it a strategic opportunity, I am very excited to introduce the next chapter of Didomi with our Global Privacy UX Solutions.







Evolving to reflect today’s data privacy landscape


Over the past years, a tidal wave of data privacy regulations has taken over the world. As of 2021 and according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, over 130 countries have enacted comprehensive data protection laws, a number that has increased to over 150 following the COVID crisis, and continues to grow.


Notable regulations include Québec’s Law 25, Japan’s APPI, the recently enacted DPDP in India, and, of course, the many state laws in the United States, from California’s CPRA to Connectictut’s CTDPA


As regulations around the world intensify, the whole issue of privacy is increasingly complex to manage for organizations. They need proven expertise to support them, and solutions that can easily cope with many moving parts.


Didomi - Romain Gauthiery GPUXS quote


This includes not only consent management but also the ability to work with granular user choices and preferences, easily respond to Data Subject Access Requests, ensure compliance at the tracker and vendor level, and provide functionality and interfaces that enhance the overall user experience instead of hindering it. Of course, organizations also need the expertise and know-how of industry specialists who can guide them through what can often feel like a regulatory maze.


This is why Didomi has designed Global Privacy UX Solutions that adapt to your needs, instead of selling static products that our customers have to adapt from their end.


Our solutions combine outstanding tech with expertise across legal, business, design, marketing, and technology fields, backed by seamless service delivery and superior standards of quality and security.


Introducing Global Privacy UX Solutions


Didomi - Global Privacy UX solutions - Solutions to cover every business needs


As part of this evolution, the team at Didomi has worked hard to deliver comprehensive solutions that help organizations create and deliver the right Privacy UX to their audience.


Didomi now offers 3 core use cases, to help organizations build great experiences:


  • Multi-regulation consent management: manage consent for privacy regulations around the world, streamlined across multiple user touchpoints.

  • Privacy governance: monitor vendor and tracker activity across hundreds of websites, effortlessly and automatically staying compliant and reducing risk.

  • User privacy journeys: reach out to customers beyond cookies, with the flexibility to compliantly manage user choices and requests at all stages of their journey.


These use cases are supercharged by 3 added values:


  • Integrations and connectors: reliable, tested integrations for sharing user choices and consented data across the tool stack

  • Security and access management: gold-standard measures for secure Privacy UX delivery, including ISO-27001 certification and dedicated User permissions.

  • Premium services: industry specialists in consent and privacy, at your service from implementation throughout the entire customer journey.


At a time when data is absolutely everywhere, Global Privacy UX Solutions are specifically designed to help companies leverage innovative technology, expert support, and great UX practices to overcome today’s challenges and make privacy and consent part of their growth strategy.


We truly believe that Privacy UX and Privacy By Design empower a business to put the user experience at the heart of its strategy, and we aim to make Didomi the single platform to help you:


  • Achieve compliance anywhere in the world

  • Prevent the wrong vendors from collecting personal data

  • Easily manage user requests and save hours of your time

  • Improve data health across your entire tech stack


I am delighted to introduce our Global Privacy UX Solutions to the world and excited to hear your feedback. To learn more about Didomi and how we can help with the privacy challenges your organization may face, book a slot with one of our experts:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are Global Privacy UX Solutions?

As regulations around the world intensify, the whole issue of privacy is increasingly complex.


Companies are facing multiple regulation challenges. They need proven expertise to support them, and solutions that can easily cope with many moving parts.


This includes not only consent management but also the ability to work with user choices and preferences and easily respond to Data Subject Access Requests. And let’s not forget that privacy is also about ensuring that your website’s trackers and vendors are the ones you think they are, and that your partners are respecting user choices. So, we’ve included advanced compliance monitoring to provide huge value and peace of mind.


Our solutions approach also offers flexible integrations, ensuring that your customers’ consent and privacy signals apply across your entire business and downstream across your ecosystem. This means you can optimize engagement and marketing while remaining fully compliant.


What is Privacy UX?

Businesses understand that people want privacy but struggle to prioritize it effectively.


This is what Privacy UX is all about: putting privacy front and center as part of the online experience at a time when data is absolutely everywhere. Creating privacy-first experiences is no longer a nice-to-have, but a prerogative for organizations around the world because people demand it, rightfully so.


Privacy UX enables organizations to be transparent about data collection and purposes while providing a seamless experience to their customers.


This is really why Didomi has developed Global Privacy UX Solutions: simple, streamlined solutions to help organizations around the world successfully leverage data privacy to respect choice and drive sustainable revenue streams. Learn more in our dedicated article:

What is Privacy UX?


What do these changes mean for Didomi customers?

If you’re a Didomi customer, nothing changes for you. While our packages have been adjusted to reflect our updated offering, there is nothing to do on your end. 


Your Didomi Console will remain unchanged, and you can reach out to your Account Manager, as always, if you have any questions.