Google recently announced that in order to provide advertisers with robust privacy-safe solutions, the company has expanded its partnership with Consent Management Platforms (CMPs), and Didomi is excited to be featured in this program.


Through native integrations with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager, Didomi ensures seamless implementation with Google products in order to help companies address technical privacy challenges as easily as possible.


Keep reading to learn more about Consent Mode, the nature of this new partnership with Google, and what it means for Didomi and our customers. 






Didomi for Consent Mode


The ability to offer a custom user experience and to gather insights about user behavior is critical for modern organizations to effectively measure online campaigns and monetize ad revenue. 


Thanks to the integration between Didomi and Consent Mode launched in 2021, users have been able to dig deeper into their conversion data for advertising and analytics purposes, while respecting user choice when using Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight or Conversion Linker. 



With this integration, Didomi sends consent notice information to Consent Mode, indicating whether a user has consented or not to Google Analytics and Google Ads cookies. Google tags are then able to dynamically adapt accordingly.


For more information on how Consent Mode works and how to enable it in your Didomi Console, head to our support article on the topic.


Exploring Google’s CMP Partner Program


In September 2022 and in order to provide advertisers with even more ways to activate Consent Mode, Google has expanded its partnerships with Consent Management Platforms (CMPs). At Didomi, we are delighted to be featured front-and-center in this newly-launched CMP Partner program.


Didomi is now integrated with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager, making it easier than ever for our customers to communicate their users’ consent data to Google tags via Consent Mode.


This is a big step for both Google and Didomi, but what does it mean for you? 


What does this partnership mean for you?


The CMP Partner Program is an important milestone, with Didomi and Google joining forces as experts in their respective fields to provide added value to our users.


For Didomi, being part of Google’s CMP Partner program is a great opportunity to reach new potential customers and to promote our offering to Google clients. 


But most importantly, it’s a strong indication for our customers, partners, and collaborators that Didomi and Google will continue working together to provide the best privacy user experience. Didomi users will now be able to implement Consent Mode easier than ever, directly from their Console.


To learn more about how to implement Consent Mode and how Didomi can help, get in touch with one of our privacy experts:


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