Didomi has released a brand new partner program to help agencies and consulting firms balance their privacy imperatives with business performance. This program includes several benefits and formats according to each partner’s needs. 


Partners have the choice between three types of partnerships: Solution Partner, Reseller or Business Provider, and will access a range of benefits such as an official certification or advanced support. 


In this article, we go over the importance of partnerships at Didomi and the reasons behind this new program, before exploring each partnership type in detail.






The importance of partnerships at Didomi 


Since the very beginning of the Consent Management Platform (CMP) in 2018, Didomi has always been working with partners. 


Privacy can be a hard topic to tackle. It’s far from easy to recommend reliable solutions, legal advice and tools. That’s why Didomi focuses on producing clear materials and providing best-in-class support for its partners and their clients. 


On the other hand, partners have been a source of growth for Didomi. Agencies and consulting firms are recommending the solutions that best fits their clients’ needs. As a premium platform with advanced customer support, Didomi has been fortunate to be recommended many times. This network has played a major role in the success of the company. 


“We’re proud to have developed strong relationships with our network of trusted partners around the world. Partnerships are central for our business and our team at Didomi will always make sure to provide the best solutions and expertise for them and their clients.”

Raphaël Boukris, CRO at Didomi


Today, we release an official partner program to reinforce this win-win relationship with partners and acquire more partners at a global scale.


The benefits of a powerful partner program


Didomi’s partner program includes a wide range of benefits for partners. The program has been designed to answer the needs of agencies and consulting firms and help them turn compliance & privacy into a business advantage.


Among the different benefits included in  the program, partners are able to: 


  • Benefit from discounted pricing and commission system: depending on the type of partnership, partners can benefit from an interesting pricing based on their needs.
  • Train consultants to get an official certification: dedicated training for the partner to receive an official certification and badge.

  • Access follow-the-sun support network: comprehensive training and ongoing support throughout the entire customer journey.

  • Implement the Consent Management Platform (CMP) for free for their website: possibility to deploy the CMP for free on their company’s website.


On top of these advantages, Didomi is a secure, ISO 27001-certified platform, and brings privacy expertise that helps partners support their clients with their compliance challenges.


“As third-party cookies are phasing out, brands are wondering how best to reconcile privacy and digital marketing. Thanks to Didomi's solutions on the one hand and the data management and governance expertise of our consultants on the other, we are able to answer their exact needs and questions.”

Guillaume Tollet, Executive Director at fifty-five


What are the different types of partnerships available? 


When building this partner program, the team at Didomi has gathered questions and recommendations from current partners. It was important for the company to develop this program with and for partners. Three different types of needs emerged: 


  • Some partners wish to remain impartial. They are presenting different platforms but still need dedicated support to understand and implement the solution for their clients. 
  • Other partners want only one CMP provider to deploy it at large scale on all of their clients’ websites. That way, they only need to master one platform and have all of their projects in one environment. They take care of the implementation and support from A to Z. 
  • Finally, some of the partners are recommending the platform but prefer to let the Didomi team manage the implementation and support for their clients. 

The partner program has been built based on these observations and is split in three types of partnerships: Solution, Reseller and Business. 


Partners are free to choose the partnership that works best for them and can easily switch from one to another. All partners have access to specific benefits, described below:




Didomi is proud to actively develop relationships with partners all around the world and will continue to offer solid support and resources related to data privacy. 


Interested in learning more about the partner program? Visit the dedicated page here