G2 2022 Summer report was released on June 22th. These quarterly reports made by the world’s largest tech peer-to-peer review marketplace provide a clear overview of the Consent Management Platform landscape. Didomi is maintaining a heavy growth in the G2 CMP Grid and was named a “High Performer” for the second consecutive quarter!


This was only made possible thanks to our customers and their precious reviews. We keep a steady growth in the G2 Grid and constantly improve our product based on these constructive feedback.


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The G2 Consent Management Platform Grid 


Thanks to the G2 CMP Grid, where all the software solutions are ranked based on the reviews collected on the platform, you can easily compare the different products available and have a better overview of the market.  


You will find below the evolution of Didomi on the G2 CMP Grid between the Winter Report in November 2021 and the Summer Report in June 2022

We quickly made our way to the “High Performer” category thanks to impressive scores and reviews, highlighting the fast rise of Didomi within the CMP landscape.


G2 grid


Didomi’s scores and achievements


Didomi G2 Report - Body format 5


Didomi's current score on G2 is 4,6 out of 5, an increase of 0.1 point since the last quarter. Our CMP also ranked higher than the last report and is now 9th out of the 115 companies included in this category. 


Additionally, Didomi is in the 4th position for highest rating, 5th for satisfaction rate, and 6th for ease of use, out of 115 platforms. These scores are positioning Didomi as a reference in the CMP market. 


Didomi G2 Report - Highest Rate


We are proud to see our scores always increasing and would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers who took the time to share their constructive feedback with the G2 community. By writing reviews on G2, you allow us to better understand your needs, in addition to helping us constantly optimize our products and services. 


Here are some of the reviews that we have received during the last quarter:


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As mentioned in our reviews, the reliability and the ease of use of our product are some of our main strengths. Didomi is eager to create and develop solutions designed to help our customers easily face their privacy challenges with all the necessary tools .


The quality of our support is often described as fast and highly efficient. At Didomi we are committed to helping our clients with any issues they might have in order to have a smooth experience with our products. 


The teams behind this premium support are the Customer Success Team and Technical Support team, about 20 people supporting our clients across all markets. 


The Technical Support Team, an indispensable asset at Didomi


At Didomi, we value the hard work of our Technical Support Team which is a pillar of our activity, always ready to assist our clients in solving their technical issues. They are the people behind the chat available in the Console.


“Being a Technical Support Engineer, I get to help our clients when they face issues implementing or using our CPMP solution. What’s interesting is that topics can be diverse and you get to speak to different profiles and learn from the many scenarios you encounter. While my focus is more on the technical aspect of our solutions, I also find myself continuing to learn about the data protection regulations and witness the solution evolve accordingly. It’s very rewarding to solve clients’ problems and help them make the most of our solution.” Guillaume Potier, Technical Support Engineer at Didomi 


The support provided by the Technical Support team is fast and qualitative. On average, they respond in 5 minutes in the chat and around 8 hours by email. Overall, our clients are guaranteed to get a personalized answer to their requests within 2 business days.


“As a Technical Support Engineer, I know that the CMP is the gateway to our clients’ sites and applications and its proper implementation is crucial for their business. We know this, and we make a point of supporting them until the product is 100% operational and in line with their strategy.” David Tessier, Technical Support Engineer at Didomi 


Our Technical Support team is specialized and has an acute knowledge of our technology, which allows them to respond to any issues our customers may have in the most precise way. Having a qualified team at their disposal empowers our customers to confidently set up and use our Consent Management Platform.


“As Didomi's Technical Support Engineer Lead, my goal is to help our customers with their technical questions or issues. We're also here to assist them in making the most of our features and integrations (JS API, API REST, JSON...) to match their use case and constraints. Being able to help them and find solutions is what we aim for daily!” Charlotte Rebillon, Technical Support Engineer Lead at Didomi 


We are proud of our Technical Support team and would like to extend our gratitude to our customers for their G2 reviews, allowing us to reach the High Performer category!