Paris, October 27th, 2023 - Didomi, a leading data privacy solutions provider, announces the launch of Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM), the most comprehensive solution on the market for organizations to manage their website compliance automatically.


Shortly after releasing its latest evolution earlier this year, Didomi, a global leader in Privacy UX solutions, is now announcing the launch of its Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM).

This new offering from the data privacy company is a natural growth for its already extensive set of solutions. Didomi acquired privacy startup Agnostik in 2022 with the ambition to provide its customers with integrated privacy monitoring and website governance solutions. 

Today, this is a reality with the launch of Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM) in the Didomi Console.


Why does website governance matter? 


Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM) allows organizations to identify, manage, and update vendors and trackers in their website ecosystem. 


At a high level, the impact of vendor and tracker management is threefold:

  • Compliance, according to global regulations and industry standards

  • Monetization , optimizing revenue and maximizing your ecosystem

  • User experience , providing the best possible Privacy UX


Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM) can help teams, from DPOs managing overall compliance to project managers and technical teams implementing practical changes, answer questions such as:


  • Are user choices respected across my web properties? Are trackers dropped without consent?
  • Am I working with trustworthy vendors, and is my users' data safe throughout their entire journey ?
  • How can I optimize my vendor list to reflect industry best practices and promote transparency?

Answering these questions is made easier by an automated way to manage vendor and tracker activity, as explained by Jeff Wheeler, Vice President of Product Development at Didomi:


"Website governance is a critical part of Privacy UX, yet it’s often overlooked due to the complexity of the topic.


With our Advanced Compliance Monitoring, we’re not only looking to provide organizations with the most advanced solutions available in the market, but also with the easiest one to implement and use."


- Jeff Wheeler, Vice President of Product Development at Didomi 


How does Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM) work? 


Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM) is the most advanced scanning solution of its kind in the industry. The technology uses an automated script that simulates scenarios to identify data privacy issues with existing regulations. 


There are three components to the ACM:


1. Compliance scenarios: The ACM supports legal and privacy teams in performing compliance audits, automatically identifying trackers dropped without consent and despite refusal, and displaying issues in a Compliance Report so that technical teams can take corrective measures

2.Custom frequency : The ACM supports CMP Product Owners and DPOs by providing monthly, weekly, and/or daily frequency to monitor closely and frequently the compliance breaches and impacts of corrective actions.


3.CMP Vendor Sync : The CMP Vendor Sync supports CMP project managers in keeping their vendor list up to date.


As transparency and exemplary Privacy UX practices increasingly become priorities for organizations, the existing concerns surrounding vendor list size will only rise in the coming years. 


For example, one of the leading data privacy standards, the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), states in its latest iteration that the number of vendors should now be displayed in the first layer of consent banners. 


" Didomi has been actively involved in developing the TCF 2.2 with the IAB. The latest version of the framework introduces new requirements for increased transparency, something that is completely aligned with our Privacy UX beliefs.


Our mission is to provide organizations with the solutions they need to create great, compliant user experiences that respect people’s choices. Advanced Compliance Monitoring is a key element of that commitment." 


-Romain Gauthier, Chief Executive Officer at Didomi


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