As we approach the last stage of Law 25 implementation in Quebec, many companies are faced with regulatory and technical challenges when trying to comply with new regulatory requirements, especially when dealing with many different websites and a high number of monthly visitors. 

In this case study, we take a close look at how Didomi was able to help a large Canadian bank handle these changes, ensuring the compliance of its sites while maintaining high standards in terms of customer experience.


Bonus: Before reading the article, watch the testimony of Philippe Rincon, VP of Digital at the National Bank of Canada, about his experience with Law 25:








Challenge: Balancing regulatory compliance and customer experience


Law 25, also known as The Privacy Legislation Modernization Act, was adopted unanimously by the national assembly of Quebec on 21 September 2021. 


Following in the footsteps of the enhanced privacy standards introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, it grants significant new data protection rights to individuals, along with increased obligations for the public and private organizations that handle their personal information.


In a significant shift, Law 25 reverses the previous Canadian de facto position on online privacy, granting consumers the automatic right to confidentiality over their personal information. In practice, it means that, for example, any profiling or tracking technology must be deactivated on a company website unless express consent is given - and not the other way around.




Companies were suddenly faced with the challenge of ensuring data privacy compliance and customer trust while delivering personalized digital experiences, something that Philippe Rincon, VP of Digital at the National Bank of Canada, evokes in a recent interview with Didomi:


“Law 25 opens up a lot of regulatory challenges, but also great opportunities for us to ensure that we are customer-centric and that we put trust at the heart of our digital system.”


- Philippe Rincon, VP of Digital at the National Bank of Canada


Following the announcement of Law 25, a major Canadian bank turned to Didomi to find a way to collect user consent across 35 websites without compromising on user experience.


Solution: Implementing Didomi's CMP with collaborative support


In order to find the best solution, this Canadian bank turned to its privileged media and digital partner, Adviso, for advice. The team at Adviso audited the solutions available on the market and shortlisted several Consent Management Platform (CMP) providers, including Didomi. 


The team ended up choosing Didomi, impressed not only by the technical capabilities of the solution but also by the quality of the services provided, from the onboarding phase to the ongoing customer support.


Collaborating closely with Didomi and their partner Adviso, the bank implemented a comprehensive cookie banner that balanced editorial objectives, visual impact, and legal compliance. 




The implementation process involved A/B testing to identify the most effective approach, a collaborative project between the bank's digital team, Adviso, and Didomi.


Law 25 consent banner benchmark: 3 months removed from the latest phase of the Law 25, we ran an analysis and published a benchmark of the top 3 consent banner types in Québec, looking at consent rates, conversion, and Privacy UX best practices. 


Access the full benchmark here (no email or form required):


Didomi - Law 25 benchmark on consent banners



Results: Strengthening compliance and enhancing performance


By partnering with Didomi, this Canadian Bank successfully addressed Law 25’s requirements while focusing on delivering personalized experiences to its customers. A/B testing ensured optimal performance of the cookie banners, demonstrating the bank's commitment to continuous improvement. 


The collaboration between the bank, Didomi, and Adviso resulted in a well-rounded solution that fits the bank's goals and enhances its digital strategy. A sentiment echoed by Philippe Rincon about his own experience:


“I would absolutely recommend Didomi - their platform's robustness, the quality of support, and their impressive roadmap make them an excellent choice."


- Philippe Rincon, VP of Digital at the National Bank of Canada


This partnership between Didomi and a well-known banking corporation exemplifies how financial institutions can prioritize customer-centricity, regulatory compliance, and digital innovation.


By successfully navigating the regulatory landscape with trusted partners, the bank sets the example for organizations seeking to build great experiences in the privacy-first era.


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