Founded in 1938, the SNCF (“Société nationale des chemins de fer français”, the National society of French railroads) manages the French railway network and transports more than 4 million passengers every day. In 2021, the SNCF group has decided to start working with Didomi to manage user consent for SNCF websites, including the TER sites, the regional express transport network.


Claire Bernard, Head of the TER Digital Channels Unit - SNCF Voyageurs and Guillaume Girot, Data Protection Officer at SNCF Voyageurs, talk about this collaboration in video.







Challenge: Managing consent for the TER websites’ two million monthly users


Within the SNCF group, there are about a hundred websites and mobile applications. On the TER online properties, for example, that’s an audience of more than two million users per month, with a total of more than 4 million sessions. 


For the company, the issue of personal data management is crucial. It is essential that user consent is managed in compliance with the Law on Information Technology and Liberties and the directives of the CNIL. 


On the other hand, the SNCF was also keen to take better account of the expectations of its users and to improve its knowledge of their needs. Guillaume Girot, Claire Bernard and their teams wanted to set up a consent notice that would provide a harmonized user experience on the websites of all the group's different entities. 


Solution: Implement a cookie banner to ensure a harmonized and compliant user experience


Guillaume and Claire turned to Didomi because they were looking for a user-friendly consent and cookie management solution. The Consent Management Platform met their needs by offering a solution that is 100% compliant with current regulations.


The SNCF received advanced support from day one of their collaboration with Didomi. During the implementation, the teams were accompanied by a Customer Onboarding Specialist who helped them during all stages of the cookie banner deployment. Then, they were matched with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who still supports them today with workshops with product workshops for all relevant professions.


"Didomi particularly helped us by being a support throughout the implementation both on the design part and on the technical part that we needed at TER."

Claire Bernard, Head of the TER Digital Channels Department - SNCF Voyageurs


At TER, Claire chose to deploy a single cookie banner, the same one on all websites. She ensures automatic synchronization of consent management and partner tags to ensure the compliance of her websites.






Results: Over 1 million positive consents per month


Since the implementation of the Didomi consent notice on the TER websites, the SNCF has recorded more than 1,300,000 positive consents per month, which is a real success for the company. More generally, Claire notes a satisfaction from users who can now manage their preferences in complete transparency.


For Guillaume, this is only the beginning of the collaboration between the SNCF and Didomi, which could evolve as the issue of user preference management becomes more and more central within the group:  


"I am convinced that beyond cookies, the future of the relationship with our customers will involve managing their preferences and I know that we can count on Didomi to offer a centralized consent management solution."

Guillaume Girot, Data protection officer at SNCF Voyageurs