We are delighted to share that Didomi has released a Preference Management Platform (PMP), for easy, scalable handling of customer preferences across channels. 


Your customers want more control over their data. Didomi's new solution, already deployed globally among industry-leaders such as Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs and Decathlon, enables you to future-proof your data strategy and deliver targeted, revenue-generating experiences based on user preferences.


This builds a new relationship between brand and user, based on trust. 








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Zero-party data has become a strategic priority for companies globally


Third-party data strategies are skating on thin ice in the current digital ecosystem. Companies are realizing that first- and zero-party data will prove fundamental to a successful data strategy. 


Why? With the ubiquitous level of personalization of marketing, the planned disappearance of third-party cookies, and the rising personal data privacy concerns among consumers globally, brands and publishers have understood the urgent need to invest in data transparency. 


So-called first- and zero-party data strategies, which encompass all forms of marketing based on consented, voluntarily provided customer data, are a top priority of companies globally.


88% of marketers say collecting first-party data is a 2021 priority - Merkle's 2021 Customer Engagement Report


Yet, marketers and developers still have few tools to make permission management easy and scalable across digital and physical touchpoints, making it cumbersome to create truly transparent user experiences. 


This is a major pain point when it comes to delivering online experiences based on authentic customer preferences that boost loyalty and revenue.


Our vision is to always continue promoting trust for both our clients and their end-users. With preference management technology, marketers don't need to estimate or guess what customers want, nor do they need to rely on third-party data strategy that will soon be a thing of the past.


- Romain Gauthier, CEO, Didomi


Future-proof your data strategy with the Didomi Preference Management Platform


Faced with a cookieless future and a rise in data legislation, will your current data strategy stand the test of time?


Companies can turn these obstacles into business advantage by adopting a "Just Ask" approach. This means asking users about their preferences when it comes to how you share their data.


In other words: zero-party quality over third-party quantity.


Didomi's Preference Management Platform (PMP) provides a scalable, easy-to-configurable backbone to make preference management easy for companies and users alike, both online and offline. 

Companies can easily build Preference Centers, branded user interfaces for consumers to update their product and communication preferences (email, SMS, phone or other).


Discover our Preference Management Platform




This gives companies direct access to invaluable data on user likes and dislikes. Not only does this make marketing and advertising more effective, but crucially, it creates close brand-user relationships and tailored experiences based on trust.


The days of guesswork are over. The future is about direct connection and engagement.


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Product functionalities of the Didomi Preference Management Platform 


So, the Preference Management Platform is a game-changer. It’s a tool that will revolutionize the future of data management and customer relationships. 


But, how does this translate into product functionalities for Didomi clients? 


Integrate customizable widgets to fit the bespoke needs of your company  

Within minutes, marketers can easily customize Preference Centers and similar widgets to company branding, connect to all relevant data sources, and deploy globally.




“Autonomy is highly important to our clients. Being able to set up and  customize a Didomi Preference Center easily without a developer is a fundamental advantage to this product.”


- Jawad Stouli, CTO, Didomi


Integrate online & offline experiences 

The technology also proves helpful for other use cases, like empowering consumer-facing staff in stores or call centers to update permissions reliably and instantaneously, in full transparency for end users.




Integrate the PMP with Hubspot, Selligent, Adobe Campaign & more 

Data synchronization is vital for comprehensive, actionable insights and performance metrics. The Didomi PMP allows for seamless configuration and deployment across technical environments, thanks to integrations with CRM and marketing automation tools like Hubspot Marketing Hub, Actito, Selligent, or Adobe Campaign.




Deliver personalized user experiences that drive revenue 


Preference management technology changes the game for both consumers and companies. 


The Didomi PMP allows brands to create a relationship of trust by putting consumers in control of how their personal data is used and the amount of personal information they choose to reveal.



The relationship between privacy and trust is bidirectional. If a company proves itself trustworthy through transparent privacy interfaces, users are more likely to trust and do business with it. This means higher engagement, higher conversion, and higher-quality data on personal preferences.


Based on this zero-party direct data from the customer, companies can then reach them on the right channel, at the right time, with the right content, reducing opt-out, increasing engagement, and, ultimately, revenue.  


Present your customers with a choice, and they’ll repay you with more meaningful interactions, loyalty, and repeat business.  




“Displaying personalized content at the right time to the right people will improve customer service, increase customer engagement, and boost propensity to purchase, or repeat purchase.”


- Julien Djelouah, Head of Product, Didomi


It’s the truth: Good privacy sells, and bad privacy repels. So, it’s time to redefine the relationship between company and user, turning privacy into a competitive business advantage. 


It’s time, thanks to Didomi, to adopt a privacy-first tech stack, and build experiences based on user preferences. 


At Didomi, we are immensely proud to launch the Preference Management Platform. We believe that third-party data strategies are a thing of the past, and we are proud to be the technological trailblazers of a new era of data collection. 

For more information, check out our technical documentation or book a call with us. 


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