Every quarter, we bring you an exclusive recap of what we’ve been building at Didomi and a sneak peek at our roadmap for the coming months. 


For the Summer 2023 edition of our Quarterly Product Update, we’ll go over the latest updates in our platform, and fill you in on the major industry news since our last post.


Note: On August 29th, join Didomi for a webinar about AI and Data Privacy, where speakers will discuss the AI landscape, the impact of AI on data privacy, and how to make safe use of AI for your business:


Didomi - Webinar AI and Data Privacy






New Google requirements: the Didomi CMP is Google-certified


One of the biggest headlines of the last quarter in the data privacy industry has been Google's introduction of new Consent Management Platform (CMP) requirements for publishers and developers partners running advertising campaigns in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United Kingdom (UK).


Going forward, publishers with traffic from the EEA and the UK using Google Adtech products will be required to use a Google-certified CMP, a certification awarded to CMP providers that are compliant with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.2, among other requirements.


Didomi is delighted to be among the first CMP providers to partner with Google for this program:


"We are strong advocates of privacy-first experiences that promote user choice and transparency. The new CMP requirements give more control to the end user, which is what Didomi’s mission is all about.


Didomi has been actively involved in developing the TCF 2.2, specifically working on the updated policies. We are working with Google to ensure seamless integration of the framework."


- Romain Gauthier, co-founder and CEO at Didomi


To learn more about the Google CMP certification, the IAB TCF v2.2, and the next steps for businesses, check out the recording of our recent webinar with Google:


Didomi Google CMP Certification TCF-1


Didomi product news: Summer 2023


The first half of 2023 has certainly been action-packed. Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest milestones:


Didomi ranked #1 CMP provider in G2 2023 Summer Report

Our flagship Consent Management Platform (CMP) was ranked at the top of the G2 2023 Summer Report, a quarterly comparison of solutions across the software industry based on verified user reviews.


“We are delighted to be recognized by G2, and that our level of service and support stands out as one of the key satisfaction factors for our customers. The customer team is working tirelessly to proactively assist Didomi clients in their data privacy and compliance challenges, and to ensure that they make the most out of our solutions. We want to thank all our amazing customers for their trust.”


- Charlotte Perrin, Director of Customer Success at Didomi


Some of the standout areas of praise for the CMP included the quality of our support, the user-friendliness of our platform, and how simple it is to set it up. For more details and to read all the reviews from our customers, explore the CMP Grid on G2:


Explore the CMP Grid on G2


Benchmark study on consent collection in 2023

Last May, we released a data-heavy whitepaper on consent collection in 2023, painting a comprehensive picture and showcasing consent data aggregated from our Consent Management Platform (CMP).


Over 18 pages, the whitepaper offers a snapshot of the state of consent collection in 2023, using data aggregated from millions of proprietary consent data points collected by organizations using Didomi technology, including:


  • Consent banner performance in Europe by country, device, SDK

  • Best-performing consent banner formats, positions, and layouts

  • Drawbacks and alternatives to consent collection for analytics


Access the whitepaper on our website (no email or personal info needed):


Didomi - Consent benchmark whitepaper


Improvements related to SDK performance

Our team is constantly working to monitor product performance and improve our customers’ experience. This is a commitment we’ve made for the long term, and while it might not be quantifiable easily (as opposed to big, one-shot milestones), we’re delighted to report that we’ve made significant gains in CMP performance over the last quarter.


We've been working closely with customers and partners to optimize their performance metrics, such as introducing an optional flag to break down the SDK setup process into smaller tasks, freeing up space for the main thread to run, and facilitating website performance.


To learn more about SDK performance and some of the steps we’ve implemented, check out our recent article on the topic:


Learn all about SDK web performance


Preference Management Platform (PMP) headless widgets

A major improvement to our Preference Management Platform (PMP) offering, we recently released headless widgets. 


These customizable widgets can be embedded anywhere on your website to collect user choices on the go, creating highly personalized experiences that keep customers engaged and connected with your brand. Some of their main features include:


  • A fully customizable design and behavior 

  • Complete flexibility, even in complex environments

  • The ability to leverage content from the Didomi console (only initial coding is needed)


Our widgets engine backs the technology and includes everything you can expect from our solutions: authentication management, analytics, content rendering, translation management, purpose and preference choices, etc.


Head to the Didomi Console or contact your account manager to learn more.


New Privacy Hub widget

Our new Privacy Hub widget allows you to provide your customers and website users with quick access to all available privacy information on your site without hunting for individual policies, forms, or preference pages. 


Didomi - Privacy Hub


With a single click, users can see what policies are available and head there directly: transparency and convenience at their fingertips.


What’s next? Sneak peek at our product roadmap


Summer is here, and we’re getting ready for a second half of the year that promises to be very exciting, for Didomi and the data privacy industry as a whole. 


No spoilers, but some of the things you can expect in the coming months include:


  • Enhanced performance: the Didomi team is committed to ongoing efforts to improve SDK performance

  • Accessibility guidelines: we’re on track to WCAG 2.1 A.AA+, certification, is the international gold standard for web content accessibility for individuals, organizations, and governments

  • New US regulations: As the data privacy landscape evolves, we plan to add new regulations to our Console, including support for United States data privacy regulations

  • Smart Vendor List Manager: the team is actively working on adding Agnostik’s Smart Vendor List Manager feature in the Console 

  • One-time password (OTP) authentication: more authentication methods are also on the way


We can’t wait to reveal more as the year progresses. In the meantime, enjoy your summer, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns - or simply need help with your data privacy challenges:


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