Orange, the number 1 telecommunication operator in France on Internet and mobile, wants, according to its mission statement: "To give each and every one the keys to a responsible digital world".


More than 25 million French people connect every month to Orange websites, mobile applications and TV box.


Orange has relied on Didomi for several years to collect its users' consents on these 3 screens. Jean-Baptiste Viet, Web Analytics Project Manager and Nicolas Watrigant, Data/IA Ethics & ePrivacy France, have chosen to implement Didomi's Consent Management Platform and its cross-device functionality. 


Let's take a look at what solutions were implemented and the resulting improvements seen by Orange. 







Challenge : Collecting consent across devices without negatively affecting user experience


For the telecom company, user data is a particularly sensitive topic, as Orange aims to handle its customers’ data with exemplary responsibility.


“In our values at Orange, we seek to have a lot of transparency with our customers and to allow them to control their digital world.”  Nicolas Watrigant, Data/IA Ethics & ePrivacy France


Orange achieves this by making consent management a central focus at the company. In addition to this compliance challenge, Orange also expresses a desire to offer the best user experience through all of its communication channels.


Before integrating Didomi's Consent Management Platform (CMP), the teams working with Jean-Baptiste had configured a consent management tool native to their Tag Management System. This solution offered basic consent management, but it did not allow the company to personalize the cookie banner and imposed technical limitations that made it very challenging to maintain.


Solution : Implementation of Didomi’s Consent Management Platform with the cross-device functionality


In order to optimize their consent management and offer a personalized experience, Jean-Baptiste and Nicolas turned to Didomi. They were convinced by the seamless experience offered by the product, and by the technical capabilities allowing for easy consent collection and storage:


“Didomi stood out for its simplicity and ease of integration on websites and applications.” Nicolas Watrigant, Data/IA Ethics & ePrivacy France


In addition, the Orange teams decided to implement the cross-device feature offered by Didomi, which allows for consent to be collected and stored only once across different devices : 


“The advantage with Didomi's CMP is that we can centralize consent management by screen: mobile, TV & App.”  Jean-Baptiste Viet, Web Analytics Project Manager


For example, if a customer is connected on the website and comes back a few days later on the app, Orange will not need to ask for consent again. The user will be automatically recognized and associated with the initial consent.


Results : 10% increase in consent rate


Since the deployment of Didomi's CMP, consent rates online at Orange have increased by about 10%. The team at Orange attributes this great result to the cross-device features, which reduces the need to collect consent from customers repeatedly.


Didomi continues to support Jean-Baptiste, Nicolas and their teams in their projects associated to consent and user preference: 


“Since the beginning, we have worked with a partnership approach with Didomi which is a success. We are going to continue with this dynamic, especially on the project around ethics and transparency on the use of our customers' data.” Nicolas Watrigant, Data/IA Ethics & ePrivacy France


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