Gaming1 is a major player in technology and entertainment (casino, sports betting, and poker), both land-based and online. The group is the leader in the Belgian B2B and B2C gaming market with its brands Circus and 777.


Owner of over 40 gaming rooms, land-based casinos, and gaming clubs in Belgium and France, Gaming1, part of the Ardent Group portfolio, currently employs over 1,700 people and has 3 business hubs (Belgium, France, Malta), the main one in Liège being home to over 550 employees.

Julien Declerq, Tech SEO Specialist at Gaming1, shares with us the importance of protecting personal data for the company and his experience with Didomi's Consent Management Platform (CMP) across all its domains.






Challenge: Protect player data on 14 websites


Protecting player data has become a major issue in the video game industry, as evidenced by the action taken by the CNIL against the company Voodoo in January 2023. One of the challenges for companies specializing in video games is to equip themselves with a CMP, like Didomi, which is certified by Google, guarantees compliance with current regulations, and supports the Unity SDK

In the case of Gaming1, the company manages 14 websites, reaching more than four distinct markets with a monthly traffic of around five million users.

Protecting user data represents a major challenge for the company. Indeed, Gaming1 is a co-founder and active member of BAGO and Playsafe in Belgium, which are committed to the prevention and protection of online players. Moreover, as part of a highly regulated industry, it was imperative for the company to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


"We are very involved in player protection (playsafe) and website protection, with a recognized and legal aspect to the latter."


- Julien Declerq, Tech SEO Specialist at Gaming1


Gaming1's executive management was very careful concerning the legal aspects and decided to use a solid solution that was up-to-date with the latest regulations. The team was legally obliged to implement the new consent banners as quickly as possible, and Didomi was able to meet this requirement.


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Solution: Deploy a customizable and secure Consent Management Platform 


Gaming1 has deployed a Consent Management Platform (CMP) on its 14 sites to better manage user consent.

To increase the consent rate and ensure compliance with existing regulations, Gaming1 used a pop-up format that requires a mandatory response from users before they can continue browsing. The pop-up format has the advantage of making the customer more responsible when visiting the site. They are encouraged to read the indications of use and consent more clearly and visibly.


Visual of the banners formats pop-in (74.5%) bottom banner (24.1%) top banner (0.7%)
 *The influence of banner format has been observed by cross-referencing thousands of data sources, which we shared in a study published last year: “Data Privacy benchmark: Consent collection in 2023” made by Didomi.


Learn more about consent banner formats


To familiarize itself with the tool, the team took part in a training course presenting Didomi solutions and how to use and configure them. This step was deemed clear and useful by the team and Julien Declerq, who found the tool well-designed, easy to use, and thorough.


“I'm very happy with the platform, I find it easy to use and there's a lot we can do.”


- Julien Declerq, Tech SEO Specialist at Gaming1


Julien Declerq also customized the text to make it more appealing and user-friendly, while retaining the mandatory parts, with a display customized according to the device used, whether it be on mobile or computer.


A visual of three consent banners : Casino333, Family Casino Games and Blitz.


Each banner has been customized according to the website on which it is appearing. The color coordination of the elements (buttons, background, and text), the style (buttons, squares, rounding, etc.), and the logo are systematically adapted to the website's visual identity, thanks to the customized use of CSS and the configuration of buttons in JSON.

The Didomi tool makes banner customization really quick and easy.”


- Julien Declerq, Tech SEO Specialist at Gaming1


Finally, Julien Declerq confirmed that he was very satisfied with Didomi's support. A Customer Success Manager has been assigned to the Tech SEO Specialist and his team, with whom the company has set up quarterly meetings to assess the status of the Console, share feedback on the tool, and ensure that it still meets the company's needs.


When we have a question, our Customer Success Manager, Jeanne, responds very quickly, and if she's not there, support is available and I always get a quick reply. I really appreciate the service!”


- Julien Declerq, Tech SEO Specialist at Gaming1


Results: Optimized consent rates and effective data management


Thanks to the use of a pop-up banner, Gaming1 now has a consent rate in their Belgian and Netherlands markets that is above the market average.


With Didomi, we have efficient management and excellent results. It's useful to have this kind of platform, to see these results and good follow-up on a daily basis.


- Julien Declerq, Tech SEO Specialist at Gaming1


For Gaming1, transparency is also very important. Players visiting the site for the first time can easily access all the necessary information, including partners and their purposes. Thanks to the Didomi banner, information is easy to find.

Gaming1 looks forward to continuing its relationship with Didomi and working together to provide a transparent and reliable experience for its users.

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