Every quarter, the team at Didomi brings you an exclusive recap of what we’ve been building over the past few months and gives you a sneak peek at our roadmap.


After wrapping up an eventful 2023, we started the new year with exciting releases, keeping up with industry trends and preparing for a busy 2024 ahead.






Industry trends from the first quarter of 2024


2024 started off with a bang with a plethora of industry news and evolutions, including the long-anticipated Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA) deadlines, new guidelines from some European data protection authorities (more on that below), and major data privacy updates from Google.


Google has indeed been rolling out several changes impacting our industry and our customer base, including the first stages of the long-awaited deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome (arguably one of the most discussed topics of the past few years), new CMP requirements, and the release of Google consent mode V2, a new version of the company's consent mechanism introducing new parameters and two modes of implementations: Basic and Advanced.


Didomi- Google Consent Mode V2 basic and advanced modes


The team at Didomi has been particularly reactive on these topics, working with Google as part of the organization’s CMP Partner Program to facilitate integration and adoption of the new iteration of consent mode and making it as easy as possible for Didomi users to get started.


Other major industry news included progress in the court proceedings between IAB and the Belgian DPA regarding the TCF and discussions surrounding the legality of paywalls, most notably in Spain. These topics are currently only at the discussion stage and have no impact on our solutions so far, but we are actively taking part in these conversations and will keep you in the loop as situations evolve.


Lastly, our data, product, and marketing teams have teamed up to release our yearly data privacy benchmark, which examines consent collection in Europe in depth. Based on data aggregated from our Consent Management Platform (CMP), the benchmark reveals performance by country, device, and technical environment, looks at the best-performing consent banner formats, and breaks down the impact of Google consent mode V2, the TCF v2.2, and cookie walls.


Didomi - benchmark consent


Didomi product news: Spring 2024


From a product release perspective, our team has been busy supporting evolving requirements globally, improving performance, and supporting our customers as they grow. Some of the major releases from the quarter include:


  • New U.S. template releases: We’ve released new templates for our Multi-regulation Consent Management Platform, including additional support for U.S. states.

  • Google Consent Mode v2: We added support for consent mode V2 last year and have assisted our customer base in onboarding seamlessly with the new mechanism. See how in our help documentation.

  • Tag manager implementation: We’ve introduced new vendor IDs to help users in charge of Google Tag Manager or manual tag integrations implement additional global privacy regulations, like California’s CPRA or other U.S. regulations, in a fraction of the time.  

  • Apple SDK requirements updates: We’ve updated our iOS SDK to reflect changes from Apple, which has introduced privacy manifests and signatures as a requirement for app developers to keep their apps in the App Store. The deadline to comply is May 1, 2024.

  • Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM) analytics: We introduced improved analytics for our ACM, allowing users to track the evolution of the number of vendors and trackers over time. This is essential for clients to understand their websites’ behavior and take the necessary corrective measures in a timely manner. Read more in our help center.

  • Core web vitals performance improvement: In accordance with our commitment to continuously improve SDK web performance, we worked closely with Google as Interaction to Next Paint (INP) officially became a core web vital. 

  • Google CTV certification:  Google consent management requirements will apply to CTV inventory in July 2024. As of today, our CMP is one of the very few that are compliant with Google’s CTV requirement.


If you’re an existing Didomi client, you’ll likely be aware of these changes from seeing them first-hand in the Didomi Console or learning about them in our monthly client newsletter. 


If you’re not a Didomi client and are considering whether our solutions could be a fit for your organization, have a chat with one of our experts to discuss your compliance and data privacy challenges:


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What’s next? Sneak peek at our product roadmap


As we leave spring behind and prepare for the summer months, what are things our team is currently working on? These are some of the improvements and news you can expect from us over the next few months:


  • Continued improvement to SEO performance 

  • Updates on accessibility, in line with our previous, continued efforts

  • Introduction of new ways for our customers to provide transparency to their users

  • Support for more new regulations in our multi-regulation CMP


We’re excited to share so much more with you, but let’s keep some of it under wraps for now. To keep up with our work, make sure to follow us on social media (LinkedIn, X, and Instagram). We are excited to reveal more next quarter!


In the meantime, and if you’re interested in reading more about what we’ve been working on from a business perspective, head to LinkedIn to hear directly from our CEO, Romain Gauthier, in the first installment of his new content series:


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