Lefebvre Dalloz is one of the European leaders in legal and tax knowledge, operating on the French market. The group has several dozens of websites in France and across Europe. At the end of 2020, they faced a major challenge: meeting the new CNIL requirements on cookie consent before the deadline of March 2021. Lefebvre Dalloz's marketing team had a very short timeframe to figure out how to bring all their websites to compliance with a minimal impact on the performance.


We had the opportunity to interview Jean-Marie Noble, Head of Ecommerce and Acquisition at Lefebvre Dalloz, who explained why he chose to trust Tealium and Didomi to help him in this project. 


Summary : 



Challenge: Bring 70 websites into compliance within a very short timeframe


Back in 2020, the CNIL came up with new guidelines for consent collection which required every website in France to offer the “Continue without agreeing” option on cookie banners. At that time, the Lefebvre Dalloz group had several dozens of websites. 


Jean-Marie Noble identified one main challenge: continue tracking users as much as technically possible while staying compliant with the CNIL requirements.


Indeed, beyond compliance, Lefebvre Dalloz marketing team was also looking to maintain high standards in terms of lead generation and traffic driven through the website. They had established a complete content marketing strategy to generate more leads and were also driving revenue directly from their website. 


Solution: Combining Didomi’s CMP and Tealium’s TMS and CDP to solve the compliance issue quickly and efficiently


Tealium is the leader in real-time customer data orchestration solutions and enterprise tag management. They have several products, including Tealium IQ which is a highly powerful tag management solution (TMS) and Tealium Customer Data Platform (CDP) that unifies customer data into one place and makes that data available to all systems in your techstack. 


Lefebvre Dalloz has been using Tealium IQ and Tealium CDP since 2018. They took advantage of Tealium’s CDP in order to better track data and activate use cases on digital marketing needs related to websites and visitors. And they were using Tealium IQ as their standard tag management solution, deploying new tags on all of their websites as they were not using the same analytics tools on all of them.


Didomi and Tealium are long-time partners and offer a native product integration for customers who wish to use both of these solutions. That is the choice Lefebvre Dalloz made in 2020, combining the strength of both Tealium and Didomi to solve its compliance issue quickly and efficiently.


Lefebvre Dalloz used Didomi and relied on the Customer Success Team in order to deploy the Consent Management Platform on all of their websites.They also tested all the tags with Tealium IQ with the possibility to easily adjust them if necessary. Jean-Marie Noble remembers a smooth, secured and very controlled process:


“Using these two tools on this project was very reassuring. On one hand, we know that Didomi is always compliant and is constantly changing the software according to the latest regulations. On the other, we know we can go really in detail and have some specific parameters in Tealium IQ. Combining the two is really secure for us, I must say.” Jean-Marie Noble, Head of Ecommerce and Acquisition at Lefebvre Dalloz


Results: 80% consent rate and very important gain of time and resources


Thanks to Didomi and Tealium, Jean-Marie Noble estimates that it took his team 1 day to get a website compliant, instead of the 3 to 4 days it would have taken otherwise. 


“Using Tealium and Didomi together, we had more control and flexibility on the overall process. That was the strength that helped us to accelerate the process of bringing these websites into compliance. We are talking about deploying a consent banner in 70 websites in 2 months. On average, we spent one day per website thanks to Didomi instead of probably three to four days with a homemade solution.” Jean-Marie Noble, Head of Ecommerce and Acquisition at Lefebvre Dalloz


Lefebvre Dalloz's consent rate is at a very good 80% today across all their websites. Even though the marketing team has observed a traffic loss after the deployment of the cookie banner, they are now focused on improving the user experience of the visitors who have accepted cookies, thanks to Tealium’s CDP.


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