Every quarter, we bring you an exclusive recap of what we’ve been building at Didomi, and a sneak peek at our roadmap for the upcoming months. 


For this spring 2023 edition of our quarterly product update, we go over our biggest product releases this year so far, and update you about some of the changes that have happened in the Didomi Console. 






The Didomi Console freshens up: new look, new flow and a multi-regulation functionality


Didomi - Multi regulation console


The first and arguably biggest update of the year so far at Didomi has been in our beloved Console. Customers have been able to experience some flashy changes that have made quite the difference in the overall experience:


  • New ‘look and feel’, giving our interface a fresh, pampered new look.

  • Updated consent notice creation flow, for an improved UX and our most seamless customization experience to date.

  • Built-in multi-regulation, including geo-targeting to help our customers ensure compliance around the world, across different regulations (CPRA, GDPR, Law 25, and more)


Current customers might have noticed the new look of the Console as well as the updated user experience. Over the next few weeks, we will be switching all Didomi customers over to the new version of the Console. This phased approach has been carefully planned to avoid any impact on data or consent notices, and customers will be notified by email a few days before their account is migrated.


To learn more about these changes, head to our help center and sign up for our upcoming webinar presented by our VP of Product Jeff Wheeler and our Senior Customer Success Manager Frank Hoffman, on April 11th:


Didomi webinar - Futureproof your compliance


Streamline Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) with the Privacy Request module


Didomi - Privacy Request Module DSAR


Earlier this year, we launched our brand new solution to help organizations deal with Data Subject Access Request (DSAR): the Privacy Request module.


This standalone DSAR solution allows our customers to streamline the process for accepting, accessing, and complying with your end-user privacy requests directly in a unified platform. See it in action here:


Using the Privacy Request module, companies are able to:


  • Create personalized request forms fitting their branding requirements and their preferred format
  • Capture, verify, manage, collaborate with other stakeholders, and fulfill requests in a single interface.
  • Analyze and track key subject request metrics, with customizable dashboards to optimize the process and cost


To see the module in action and discuss your Privacy Requests challenges with an expert, head to our dedicated page:


Discover our Privacy Request module


Evaluate and stay on top of compliance: Updated and new compliance features


During the first quarter of 2023, Didomi’s compliance offering has also seen some changes, through two key features: The Compliance Report and the Advanced Compliance Monitoring module.


The Compliance Report gets an upgrade

You might be familiar with Didomi’s Compliance Report already, a tool living inside the Didomi Console that provides valuable insights by tracking your data privacy ecosystem and assigning it a score.


We’ve improved this valuable tool this year in various ways. 


First, the compliance report is now powered by Agnostik, following our acquisition of the e-privacy tech company last year. As a result, the compliance report is now more detailed and granular, providing insights about vendors and trackers, as well as detecting compliance issues more consistently. 


Secondly, we’ve improved the interface to make it more user-friendly, with a new look & feel and a simplified “4 Star” score rating, to help you understand at a glance where you stand in your compliance efforts.


Finally, the Compliance Report remains 100% free. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go now:


Get your Compliance Report


Advanced Compliance Monitoring in the Console

The other major improvement on the compliance side of our offering is the Advanced Compliance Monitoring module.


Didomi - Advanced Compliance Monitoring


Taking it a step further than the Compliance Report, Advanced Compliance Monitoring helps businesses stay on top of their cookie and tracker activity, without having to dedicate enormous amounts of time and resources to regularly monitor it all manually.


The module includes website scanning, privacy breach detection and reporting, as well as an automated compliance scoring. It’s your ultimate partner to effortlessly monitor compliance and respect user privacy choices.


To learn more and see it in action, head to our dedicated page and book a demo:


Learn more about Didomi's Advanced Compliance Monitoring


What’s next? Sneak peek at our product roadmap.


Now that Q2 is underway, what are some of our plans for the upcoming few months? While we wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises our product team is working on, we can already hint at some updates on the horizon.


Some of the main Didomi product news in the near future will include:


  • Continued emphasis on global regulations: Didomi will continue to help our customers comply with regulations around the world, including country-specific requirements but also U.S. states laws as the country continues to roll out additional legislation.
  • Support for new frameworks: We will nurture and expand our coverage and partnerships, with industry-leading frameworks such as the Global Privacy Platform (GPP), Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA/C), Google Consent mode (GCM), and others.
  • Enhanced analytics: We’re constantly working on providing the most useful analytics for our users, and the next quarter will be no exception. Read our recent article about how to leverage consent analytics for your digital activites.
  • Accessibility guidelines: We are working on obtaining our WCAG 2.1 A.AA+, certification, the standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally.
  • Additional languages: The Didomi Console currently supports 45 languages, and we’re looking to add more. Stay tuned.


This is only a sneak peek, and we’re looking forward to sharing everything we have in store with you in the coming months. In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns or simply need help with your data privacy challenges:


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