In 2017, Jawad Stouli and I, soon joined by Raphaël Boukris, found a gap in the market. The launch of our previous company, Tactads (acquired by MediaMath), in the AdTech sector, caused us to recognise the growing need for privacy solutions. We created a bespoke Consent Management Platform (CMP) to help businesses collect, store and leverage their customers’ consents.   


The timing was impeccable. Amidst new data protection regulations (namely the GDPR in 2018), and with companies uncertain of how to be more transparent with their data collection, Didomi’s clients came flooding in. Also, as one of the few companies to obtain the CNIL governance label, Didomi was quickly able to convince international groups of its legitimacy.


We were firmly on the path to success, but far from believing just how many websites and apps we were going to equip: Decathlon, Weight Watchers and Michelin to name but a few.   


Now that 2020 is coming to a close, what has Didomi achieved this year? 








Once upon a time, Didomi was born...


Let’s start where it all began…. 


Why the need for a company like Didomi? 

Personal data is a key asset for companies, and brands rely on data for their marketing. Yet, consumers are demanding higher transparency and control over their data. They expect (and deserve!) choice: they want to be able to freely give “permission” to use their data and revoke it at any time, just like any other experience that they have online.


The answer? The Didomi SDK, which allows companies to respect data legislation, while also continuing to optimize their consent collection and monetization. 



Privacy first! What is the Didomi solution? 


What are the Didomi products? 

First of all, let us introduce you (or re-introduce you!) to our products, as we’re incredibly proud of them! 


Didomi offers a bespoke Consent Management Platform (CMP) that is both compliant and performant, allowing brands to easily collect, optimize and leverage their users' cookie permissions, which are essential to run analytics, optimize user experience or monetize through programmatic advertising.


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Naturally, Didomi's clients have requested a solution to manage their users' entire marketing preferences, beyond cookies and trackers. This is how Didomi's Preference Center came to life, rolled-out among visionary clients who identified customer permission as a key business and compliance driver.


The user can choose the kind of content they wish to receive from the brand, and the frequency of communication, amongst other things. This allows for the centralizing of customers’ consents both online and offline, across multiple channels: this is really cutting-edge in the world of data privacy.  


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What is the aim of Didomi? 

Since the inception of the company, the Didomi ambition has remained the same. 


“The Didomi platform is the only solution for individuals to continue to trust organizations and in order for this to work, the Didomi platform must be the preferred solution for developers.” 


- Jawad Stouli, Co-founder of Didomi


Didomi's vision is to allow organizations of all sizes to place customer preferences at the center of their strategy. We don’t just sell a CMP or a Preference Center, we offer solutions to make organizations more customer-friendly through impeccable consent and preference management.


Our vision is never-ending, and with future projects planned for connected TV, connected vehicles, and many more, this is only the beginning of the customer-centricity enabler we seek to become. 




It’s a cause we really believe in, so how have we performed in 2020? 


To help us deliver on that vision, for the first time since 2017, we have raised funds (5M€) from a trusted partner who shares our ambitions. We are incredibly proud of this, but lots of other exciting achievements have been going on internally that we would love to share with you too. 


Adapting to change, and thriving because of it 


2020 brought more than its fair share of change, we can all agree on that. In addition, 2020 also brought a fair amount of change in the world of data privacy. 


The IAB's updated consent framework, also known as TCF v2, has been adapted by the AdTech industry, despite the strange timing with everyone adapting to new, uncertain realities worldwide. With the Didomi CMP swiftly accepted as TCF v2 compliant, our team worked tirelessly to ensure that this transition would be smooth and easy for all of our customers, both from a technical and regulatory point of view. 


TCFV2-Thumbnail EN


Also, Apple's various privacy features in iOS 14, the French CNIL recommendations, Spanish AEPD cookie guidelines, and changes in Brazilian law are just some of the many examples of the shifts in the world of data protection and data privacy in 2020. 


"As the market is in perpetual motion, Didomi strives to evolve their tools so that our clients always have an optimal product at their disposal."


- Charlotte Perrin, DPO & Lead Customer Success @Didomi 


The Didomi products are constantly evolving and adapting - It’s safe to say that we thrive under change, and we make sure our clients do too. Of course, we guide our clients through each of these transitions, ensuring any change is easy and seamless. 


Do you need a consent management solution that adapts to a changing market? Get in contact with us.


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Didomi Launched Its Unity SDK


Excitingly, in 2020, Didomi became the first actor in the field of preference and consent management to launch our CMP on the cross-platform game engine Unity. Thanks to Didomi, Unity gaming publishers now have a dedicated solution for collecting explicit player consent.


We also ran a series of Unity Masterclasses, offering invaluable advice to developers on how to better monetize their apps whilst complying with privacy regulations across the world. Are you a Unity game developer that wants to monetize your games whilst remaining compliant? Let Didomi explore your options.


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Gaming 2


Cookie banners can be fun too! 


At Didomi, we practice what we preach. The importance of data transparency is a fundamental value of our company. We want to inform our website visitors on their data rights, and this inspired us to update our own cookie banner.


We always tell our clients that, as a cookie banner is often the first thing your website visitor sees, it’s got to be good. We took our own advice, and created a bespoke Didomi cookie banner. It integrates our company branding, and gives our users the experience they deserve (and the data protection rights they deserve, too!). 


Cookie banners really can be fun too, and data protection is what we specialize in, after all! 


Does this inspire you to create your own bespoke cookie banner? Didomi would love to organise this for you.


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Expanding languages, expanding markets 


Since the beginning, Didomi has been established as a remote company based in both France and the United States, especially for our Dev team. 2020 was the year we really set ourselves apart as an international market leader. 


Today, our software is translated into 30 different languages. We are currently number one in France and Spain, and continue to grow throughout Europe and the US. We have more than 250 references in many sectors and over 20 countries, with clients including Decathlon, Orange, El Mundo, Rakuten and many more. 


This multilingualism is also reflected in our team - we hire specialists from all four corners of the globe, making sure we deliver the best customer support possible. In 2020, we welcomed 35 new people to our team, and chances are high that many more will join in 2021!


We’re a family that grows everyday, and our teamwork is an instrumental part of our success. The stronger the team, the stronger the company


Team 2


If you need proof that Didomi is one of the best companies to work at, here it is. Didomi was recently voted by Elinoï as one of the 50 best start-ups to apply to in 2021! Are you tempted to come join us? 


Our headquarters are centrally located in the chic Opéra district in Paris but we have representatives in several other European countries, as well as in the United States. Need us? We’re here, and we’re ready.  


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Once upon a time 2


The new multi language blog 

Summer 2020 saw the launch of our new blog in four languages (English, French, Spanish, German)! We want to inform people from all over the world on data ethics, legislation and consent - and the new blog gets us one step closer to our goal!


“Et voilà” as the French say, the cherry on the cake : The new Didomi website 

Most exciting of all, December saw the release of our brand-new website, highlighting the different Didomi products, and the way they our solutions help different professionals and industries, from marketing to compliance or AdTech.


This took a huge amount of dedication and team effort, and we’re proud and excited to start 2021 with this wonderful new tool. Of course, it’s in 4 languages - with worldwide ambitions such as ours, that’s a rite of passage now for Didomi. 



Inspired by a cause we really believe in, we are proud to announce that, now, 1.4% of the web flows through our solutions, in multiple languages and on multiple continents. In fact, Didomi is the 66th most used “tracker”.  



So, we worked hard in 2020, and we’re incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. We can’t wait to find out what 2021 has in store for us!  


With our sights on new technologies, use cases, sectors and geographies, we think that, all in all, it is safe to say that Didomi’s adventure has only just begun…